Learn to Be Happy Even if You Want a Partner

Learn to Be Happy

What if you are someone that wants to be in a relationship, but you haven’t found the right partner yet?  It is not always easy to be happy when you are alone, but many people think that if they find the right partner that they will be completely happy.

The truth is, as you develop good relationships with people, it will bring you happiness, but any relationship has both good and bad times.

Being Alone

Sometimes when we are alone, we feel things such as:

  • Being lonely
  • Feeling not good enough.
  • Feeling that no one can love us.
  • Worry that we are not pretty or handsome enough.
  • Fearing that we will never meet the perfect person for us.

If you are alone and want to be happy, you have to love yourself and know that you are good enough. Once you learn to love yourself, you will see that the right person will soon come along.

Being Happy Alone

If you know what you want in your life besides being with someone, you will have a real purpose and you will see that you can be happy instead of feeling lonely.

Once you are self-aware, you will be able to understand what makes you happy and when you know who you are, you can be happy no matter who you are with or without.

When you are self-aware, you can take what you experience in your life and learn to be true and handle anything that comes your way.

How to Be More Aware

  • Write down things that you feel so that you can evaluate what makes you feel happy and what you need to change.
  • Look at your moods and pay attention to what makes you feel different.
  • Reflect on things that you do in your life that make you smile.
  • Find out what you like about yourself and what you like about others and develop new skills.
  • Be mindful of your feelings and let yourself have feelings.

How to Be Happy and Alone

You can be happy even if you aren’t in a relationship and here are some ways how:

Appreciate Who You Are

Learn to appreciate who you are. Just because you aren’t in a relationship doesn’t mean you are unworthy or unlovable.

Find out what you like about yourself and see your good qualities. Make a list of things that you like about yourself and your strengths.

If you want to make changes in your life, write these things down too. Be sincerer about what you want in your life and what you want to change.

Figure out character traits and write down ten of them on your list and be happy with who you are. Love yourself the way that you are and do not change for anyone. When you find the right person, they will love you for who you are.

Goal Setting

Set goals that you can accomplish and do them. Look forward to things that you want to accomplish in your life and make sure your goals are meaningful.

Find new ways to do things that you do each day.

Learn New Things

Start by finding out some things that interest you and learn to explore these things. Find out what you want to know and learn new things.

Learning new things will increase your self-esteem and help you to have more fun in life. Find things that you like to do and do them. Maybe you like to read, if so, start doing that and make a list of things you have read.

Spend Time Alone

When you are alone, make sure that you are spending time focusing on things that you love to do. Find some hobbies that are fun and get new ideas.

Make sure you are happy and that you are doing whatever makes you feel fulfilled in your life.

Find Beautiful Things

Go out and find beautiful things in your life. You can go out in nature and look at the flowers or you can go someplace new.

When you are alone and by yourself, look at things in a positive light. Get rid of negative behaviors and habits. Keep your house clean, keep yourself clean and do what you need to so you can live your best life.


Always have balance in your life. Be mindful and just enjoy being who you are.

Meet New People

Find new people that you can connect with on social media and at new places such as the gym or the park. Go out with friends and family and build your relationship.

Be Thankful

Be thankful for what you do have and who you are. Make a list of things you are happy about and always read it. Keep your list close when you are feeling bad.

Be You

Always be your real self. Let people see the real you and like you just for who you are.


Music can boost your mood. Find music that you love to listen to and let it blast through your house. Maybe you will dance a little too.


Keep your mind, body, and soul clean. Exercise, sleep well, eat healthy foods and do things that will keep you healthy and strong.


  1. Being alone doesn’t necessarily equate to loneliness. The article does a good job of distinguishing between the two and offers practical advice on how one can thrive while single.

  2. The section on being thankful and maintaining a positive outlook is crucial. Gratitude has been shown to have numerous psychological benefits.

  3. The emphasis on self-awareness and self-love is quite profound. I appreciate the structured approach to breaking down activities that can enhance one’s solo life experience.

  4. The idea of setting meaningful goals and accomplishing them resonates well. It’s beneficial to have a sense of direction and purpose irrespective of one’s relationship status.

  5. I find the suggestions on learning new things quite compelling. Intellectual growth and curiosity can indeed contribute significantly to personal happiness.


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