Knowing If You are in a Karmic Relationship

Knowing If You are in a Karmic Relationship

Many people believe that they have lived past lives and that each person has a karmic relationship. Some believe that this happens when two people have the same birth chart and that they cross with each other in certain lives. Karmic relationships can be romantic and can be husband/wife relationships.

Some charts will have the same patterns and when this happens, you will know in your chart if you and your friends sign happen because of a karmic relationship or connection.

If Rahu and Ketu are in a position of the constellations and they are both in the horoscopes of the same planets, then they can be in both charts and then the people are in karmic relationships. This means there is a karmic bond.

Relationship and Synastry

Synastry is a technique that is used in astrology to find out if people are compatible because of their planet signs. If you have a sign that falls in the birth chart of someone else, such as if Saturn is in the Leo birth chart then your partner will also be a Leo, and this means you have a karmic relationship. This can help you to know if you have a past life relationship with someone.

Some of the relationships will be very romantic but then will end fast while others will last longer so that you can have a chance for karmic growth. Some are there to learn things such as things about their career, relationships, children or more.

Important People in Life

You can find out if your karmic past is resolved by the relationships that you have. If you are with someone and they make you feel good, this can mean that you have beaten your karmic ties.

If you’re with someone that is not a good match, you will attract people that are leaders, but you will not want women in the leading role. This can cause a man to have an ego problem and cause their relationship not to work.

Man Sun

If you are a woman with Rahu and your Man is the sun, then you will be a good match and you will be with someone that is dignified and great.

Man Ketu and Woman Sun

This would be a great match because it puts women in a quality relationship and means the relationship will last a long time.

Women Ketu and Man Sun

This is not a good relationship match because the woman will need a man that is inspirational and authoritative, and the woman will be closer to this kind of man.

Man Rahu and Women Moon

This is a good relationship because there will be caring and nurturing in the relationship.

Man Ketu and Woman Moon

This is a good relationship because it causes them to not be too emotional and to spend time with each other that is good.

Women Ketu and Man Mars

This is a good match because both the man and woman have gotten over their karmic past. They have habits of not arguing and will be in the relationship long term.

Man Rahu and woman Mercury

This is a good match because they are able to communicate and support each other and will be in a long relationship.

Woman Ketu and Man Mercury

This is not a good match because they will want to have fun and to learn with other people and will miss it with each other. Their relationship will be short.

Man Rahu and Woman Jupiter

This is a good match and will allow the relationship to learn and them to have wisdom with each other. They will have a long relationship and will have children.

Woman Ketu and Man Jupiter

This is not a good match because they do not have the same interests and they will not be in a long-term relationship.

Man Rahu or Woman Venus

This is a good match because they will be caring and loving to each other.

Woman Ketu and Man Venus

This is not a good relationship because they will lose interest in each other and become bored. They will have no respect for each other.

Man Rahu and Woman Saturn

This is a hard match because they will resent each other and will become detached. They will have problems in their relationship.

Women Ketu and Man Saturn

This will be a good relationship and will last a long time because they got rid of their karmic ties.


If the Ascendent falls with the Rahu, this is a positive sign, and the relationship will grow and be strong. If it falls with the Ketu, it will be negative because they have karmic past that they never got over.

Karmic Relationship and Love

If you have a soulmate or you are going to meet one in the future, a karmic relationship will never turn into a real relationship.

Soulmate relationships are there, and you will meet many of these along your path. You will be someone that passes with someone else and it will be a karmic relationship. This will have a lot of pain and will be hard to ignore but it will be there to teach you a lesson in life and to help you to grow.

Once you have a soul that is free, and you overcome your karmic connection then you will see that you can find real happiness and be in a relationship that is real and whole.

Some signs in a karmic relationship include:

  • Abuse
  • Anger
  • Fighting
  • Jealousy
  • Being possessive
  • Being selfish
  • Having other desires
  • Breaking up and getting back together
  • Addictions

When you meet your soulmate or your twin flame, you will no longer have to ask if this person is meant to be with you, but you will already know. You will feel real love and you will have someone that makes your soul sing.


  1. The practical examples of how different planetary alignments affect relationships provide a comprehensive guide for those interested in exploring the astrological dimensions of their connections.

    • Indeed, those examples offer practical insights that can be quite useful for anyone looking to understand their relationships through astrology.

  2. The idea that synastry can determine compatibility between individuals by examining their birth charts adds an interesting dimension to understanding relationships. It’s fascinating to consider how astrological elements might influence personal interactions.

  3. The concept of karmic relationships as described in the article is quite intriguing. It appears that these relationships are believed to play a significant role in one’s spiritual and personal growth.

  4. The delineation between soulmate relationships and karmic relationships seems very poignant. The notion that karmic connections are there to teach us important lessons is a valuable insight.

  5. The categorization of various planetary alignments in defining relationship outcomes is quite detailed. It seems to offer a unique perspective on why some relationships may last while others may be fleeting.

    • I agree, the detailed analysis of planetary influence provides a different framework for understanding the dynamics between partners.

    • Yes, the alignment descriptions are indeed very specific. It’s interesting how ancient practices like astrology still find relevance in modern discussions about relationships.


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