Attracting Love

Attracting Love

Love is a big word in our lives and something that holds a large meaning in all things that we do.  We use the word when we want to express a place we go or people we are around.  Love can make us happy and can consume our life.

The problem is that sometimes we are searching for love, and we long to meet someone that will make us happy and will bring a spark into our eyes.  We want to find a happy relationship and be with someone who makes us feel happy and full.

Some of the best relationships start when we learn to love ourselves.  We have to learn to love ourselves before we can learn to love others.  We need to be in this spot so that when love is ready to find us, we will not miss it and will not be lonely.

There are ways that you can attract love into your life and start feeling loved all year round.

  • Inner Person

Look at the inner person and see what brings you excitement.  Do you have a good time when you are around friends or family?  Do you feel bad when you are too busy and you forget to be fun and playful?  Each of us has an inner child that is fun and full of life.  When we have that nature as a fun child, we can find the purest form of love.  So learn to play and have fun.

Try to do things like join a club or start playing sports.  Find something you enjoy doing in your life and do what makes you have fun.  You will never know who you will meet unless you give it a chance.  Try to put yourself out in the world so that the world can get to know you and see you smiling.

  • Goodness

Find good in all things that you go through.  If something is hard, know the good in it.  Train your mind to know what is good and to see good in situations that seem like they can only be bad.  No matter what happens and what emotions we have, try to remember that emotions can be controlled.

You can attract more love when you accept things that have happened in your life and look at the big picture that the universe is trying to show you.  Dwell on the happy things and the small moments that have really made a difference in your life.  Look for love and see what lessons you have learned and what situations you have been in that have made you change for the better.  Don’t be mad at yourself for things that have not worked out.

  • Affirming Others

Remember that the law of attraction says that when we are kind, we attract kind people.  So speak love into the universe so that the universe can send you love.  Use love to affirm yourself and to make yourself better.

Feel free to make your affirmations personal and come up with things to say that make people want to know you.  Tell yourself that you are worth it and that you deserve nice things.  See people as great and make good friends.  Get along with everyone you can and try to let people know that they are special, beautiful and that they deserve love.  See yourself as deserving and be happy and thankful for everything in your life.

  • Relationships

Pay attention to your relationships and make sure you are around people that are the right people in your life.  Get rid of people in your life that are negative and do not do anything to help you.  Figure out what you deserve, and don’t be blinded by negative things but let positive things and people come into your life.

Let time slow down for you, and take time for yourself and the people that are good to you.  Let the universe bring you love, and try to get along with those that are around you.  Evaluate people and focus on love and what kind of relationships are good for you. Stay in peace, and remember that if you love, then you will get love.

  • Giving

When you give, it makes you have a full heart and makes it easier to receive.  Giving is one of the best ways that you can attract love.  Do these things with a pure heart and not wanting to get anything in return.  When you have the opportunity to give, do it with a happy heart and see how good it makes you feel.

Give things easy, like a hug or a note to someone special.  Be there to listen and show love by giving kindness.  Don’t let things get in the way of showing love in small ways.

  • Self-Love

Take care, love yourself, and make sure you know who you are.  Always put yourself first and enjoy what you do.  This can mean that others do it with you, but you can do it alone too.  Go for walks, listen to music, sleep in, and enjoy drinking coffee and meditation with yourself.

Spend time with yourself and make sure you take care of your body, eat right, exercise and take care of your well-being.  Don’t let the universe outside pull your mind in the wrong direction or make you careless.  Instead, invest time in yourself and make sure you thrive.

Look for love in the air and take time to feel love, compassion and get into great relationships.


  1. While the article offers practical advice, I think it could benefit from more specific examples or case studies to illustrate how these concepts work in real-life scenarios.

    • I agree. Practical examples can provide a clearer blueprint for individuals seeking to apply these principles to their own lives.

  2. The idea of affirming others and creating positive relationships resonates deeply with me. Our interactions can significantly influence our emotional well-being.

    • Absolutely, Rita. Affirming others not only makes them feel valued but also helps build a supportive community around us.

  3. I found the sections on Goodness and Giving particularly insightful. Training the mind to see positivity and the act of giving without expecting anything in return are indeed valuable principles to attract love and happiness.

  4. The emphasis on self-love and personal well-being is crucial. Without a solid foundation of self-respect and self-care, it’s challenging to build meaningful relationships with others.

  5. The article provides a comprehensive exploration into the various facets of love, advocating for a balanced approach to self-love and external relationships. I appreciate the emphasis on self-awareness and the law of attraction.


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