7 Signals A Soulmate is Not Your Life Partner

7 Signals A Soulmate is Not Your Life Partner

How do you know when you the person you met is your perfect partner?  Often people will say they found their “soul mate.”  However, soul mates are not always meant to be your forever love.  You can be incredibly attracted or connected to a person that is not romantically compatible for you.  You need to explore many facets of a partnership before you enter into a long-term union.  You will need to discuss topics like finances, career and family goals along the way.  If you are sexually attracted to each other, but not compatible with the heavier topics, then you won’t have a successful long-term union.  If you are wondering if this phenomenal person in your life is meant to be your life partner, here are a few aspects to notice.

  1. Navigating an existing serious relationship: If your intended is in a committed relationship, now is not the time to explore your feelings for each other.  This is not to say you will never be together, but they need time to process their thoughts and understand what they want from love, and from whom.
  2. Too few similarities: Shared values are a hallmark of long-term relationship success.  Couples strive to create meaningful memories together and often that is rooted in commonalities.
  3. Long distance drama: Distance can be incredible stressful to a relationship and make it hard to develop intimacy.  Again, this is not to say things won’t work, but you both will have to have some serious discussion and maintain strong communication to make sure you remain on the same page.
  4. Family planning: Couple must be on the same page as to whether they want or don’t want children.  Also, one partner might have health concerns that make biological children risky.  Compromising on family isn’t always possible and you need to know as soon as possible if your mate is not ready to become a parent before you conceive.
  5. Wallet worries: Money is an ultimate relationship stressor.  Although talking about budgets isn’t sexy you need to be on the same page with money matter or you both will struggle unnecessarily.
  6. Conflicting life paths: You need a partner that shares your goals and values.  If you are an explorer, it can be difficult to coexist with someone who is a homebody.  Same is true for a person who is a spending loving a rigid saver.  You need to have honest discussions about your career, family and lifestyle goals and be willing to visit a therapist as needed if you want to set your relationship up for success.
  7. Willingness to adapt: You should never want to change a person.  Instead find a willingness to be flexible to situations that can alter quickly.  Together work through an obstacle or hurdle for the sake of your love.  However, above all, be able to accept and love your partner for exactly who they are, not what you wish they could be.


  1. The point about being willing to adapt is noteworthy. Flexibility can often be the key to overcoming obstacles in a relationship.

  2. The discussion about long-distance relationships is particularly relevant. Maintaining strong communication can indeed make or break such relationships.

  3. The article raises some valid points about the complexities of identifying a life partner. It’s essential to consider both emotional and practical compatibility.

  4. I appreciated the section on financial compatibility. Money can be a sensitive topic, but it’s indispensable for long-term success.


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