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Is your relationship in the cards?

Is your relationship in the cards?How can you know if your current relationship may be on the skids? You may be surprised to find that you can get answers through Tarot Cards.  A consultation with an advisor who specializes in card reading can really help make things clear.

The reader will put one spread down for you, one for your partner and one in the middle. This middle set represents what is actually coming between you.

There are many cards that signify potential conflict. The meaning of the cards depends on their placement in the readings.  Here are just a few cards and what they may mean in your reading.

III of Swords

This cards indicates infidelity.  Classically, it is depicted with heart being pierced  by three swords.. If it appears on your partners side, they may be cheating on you.  A face card may indicate who they are cheating with.  It can also mean a confused heart. If it comes up with any page face card or a family card, it means that you partner is feeling that a children are coming between you.

II of Pentacles

This card also signifies cheating.  This is due to the fact that the card shows the juggling of two things. That’s pretty plain and simple to interpret

X of Swords

This card is not good news. The depiction of someone on the ground penetrated with swords. This signifies betrayal. An accompanying face card can tell you who is responsible for the betrayal.

II of Wands

This card can answer the question , Is my partner looking for someone new?” Pairing it with the Magician  shows that your partner is not who they appear to be.

Hangman Card

This card can signify the emotional separation  in the relationship. Your  partner may want a break.

VII of Swords

This card shows someone having all they need, but still wanting more. The depiction of someone stealing swords but losing a few on the way shows that a painter is thinking of leaving because they want more.

Judgment Card

This card will prop up when there is a dissolution in the relationship. It generally indicates  that there is something legal in the works.

Devil and Strength Cards

These two cards pop up when someone is displaying destructive behavior. It can mean that the relationship is one sided due to the interference of addiction. Of course this can be interpreted as a sign that your partner can not give you everything you need.

When it comes to relationship readings, not all Tarot cards are bad.  There are some cards that will reveal love and happiness. Either way, what do you have to lose by trying a Relationship Reading..

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