When You Suffer from Low Vibrations

When You Suffer from Low Vibrations

Not everyone can feel their vibrations, but most people can feel a certain vibe when they visit someone or some place.  This vibe is easier when you are able to attune to that person or place.  If you have low vibrations, it might be a good idea to try to raise your vibrations and there are many ways you can do this.

Low Vibrations

All things have some vibrations and while some is low, some is high.  This is the energy frequency that you have.

When you have a low vibration, you will be connected to negative energies and you will not be able to express positive emotions.

You can tell you have low vibrations if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Being angry all the time.
  • Being jealous of people.
  • Keeping a hold of bitterness.
  • Being pessimistic.
  • Having high periods of guilt.
  • Blaming yourself and others.

When you find that you are being controlled by your emotions, you probably have low vibrations.

High Vibrations

When you have higher vibrations, you are around positive energy and you feel good about yourself and others.  You will smile and be happy and have a good outlook on life.

Raising Your Vibrations

You can raise your vibrations and have better energies.  Here are some ways.


Make sure that you check your mood and see what kind of mood you are in.  Do you feel sad or angry?  When you are always having these negative feelings, chances are your have a low vibration.  You can change your mood and get rid of your negative feelings.

Don’t hide them or deny that you are feeling them, be aware of these feelings, but learn to not let them control you.  Acknowledge what you are feeling and recognize what is going on inside of you.  These feelings are there for only a while.  You can get over them and voice your feelings and then focus on getting rid of them.

If you focus too much on the problem, you will never get rid of these emotions and the bad feelings will not go away.

Learn to smile, even if it is fake.  Do this for 2 minutes each day to boost your mood.

How Did It Go?

When you have high vibrations, you will be positive.  Low vibrations bring on negative emotions.  You might be happy and then all of a sudden, your mood changes for the worse, and this will cause your vibrations to go lower.

Remember that you are part of your own results.  You might need to learn to deal with these feelings and you can do that by trying to think positive and keep your vibes high.


Check your mind and see what you are processing in your head.  When you have high vibrations, you will have good memory recall and you will be able to solve problems.

When you have lower vibrations, you will be in a mental fog and not be creative.

You can show yourself what to do.  You can take responsibility for yourself and learn to have fun.  Let your mind have fun and play for a while.

Body Checks

You have a lot of clues as to what is going on in your body.  If you have stomach trouble, your vibrations are probably low.  Sleeping problems come from low vibrations and so do sicknesses and diseases.

If you have a long period of time where you are feeling bad about yourself or others, take time to find something that you love to do and do it.  Do it for your health.  Listen to some music, go for a walk, find something fun to do.  Don’t ignore that you are tired, find a way to build up your energies.

Do what you can do to get your vibrations higher and improve what is going on in your mind.


Allow yourself to do things you want to do.  Be positive and find things that allow you to be creative and get you in a positive mindset.


Your home is where you spend a lot of your time and so make sure that you have positive energy there.  If you are overwhelmed or worried about something, handle it and allow your home to be your safe place.  Be comfortable there and let other people come into your home

Clean your home and make sure that you are getting rid of the negative energies when you do.  Cleanse your area and your body and get rid of your low vibrations.


There are some foods you can eat to raise your vibrations such as:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Low fat meats
  • Fish

Here are some foods you should have less of that lower your vibrations:

  • Canned meats
  • Sweets
  • Sugar
  • Processed foods
  • Flour
  • Oils
  • Caffeine
  • Milk

It isn’t hard to find foods to eat that will raise your vibrations.

Work On Yourself

If you want to raise your vibrations, work on who you are.  Memorize important works, study math and learn something new.   When you grow, realize you cannot learn things that are personal growth things and that you have to experience life.

Learn to harness your energy and be positive and find tools that make your life easier to work through.  Grow and develop who you are as a person, this comes naturally.  Eliminate anything that is negative or obstacles in your life and make the best of what you have in your world.