When People are Jealous

When People are Jealous

When you see green or are jealous, this is not a statement that anyone wants to make.  When it comes to emotions, jealousy is one emotion that can be hard to deal with, no matter what the situation is.

Does it seem like a little jealousy is not harmful?  This is true, but when it becomes too much, it can even cause health issues.  Jealousy is linked to hormone stress and even Alzheimer’s disease.

People that are secure are the opposite of jealous people and when people are jealous, they want to control all of the circumstances and they overthink everything.

There are different behaviors that people can do to stop being jealous.  Jealous people have a hard time trusting and people that are trusting, surround themselves with people that are trustworthy.

It is important to know that we are influenced by people around us.  If people are honest and true, chances are you won’t feel jealous.  You have to be able to support people in your life and stop engaging in behaviors that make you feel bad.


One way that you can be secure is by having self-worth and being secure with who you are.  If you are happy with yourself, chances are that you won’t be jealous in any circumstance.

This is true for teenagers where it is found that 500 teenagers had low self-esteem and were more jealous than other people.

When you are with someone that has something good happen to them, remember that it is their story and that you need to be happy for them.

People that are secure are able to let go of anger and resentment and be happy.  They want everyone to be successful and happy with them.


When you are thankful for what you have, you will see your life as a good thing and will stop focusing on what others have that you want.  You will be happier because you are not jealous.

Write in a journal all of the things you are happy for and thankful for and make sure that you know that your actions make up who you are.  If you are secure, you will be happy when good things happen for other people and not just for you.

Social Media

Social media is the highlight of many people’s lives and they post their best things on there.  They post all of their happiness and they keep everyone updated on what good things are happening in their lives.  Research has shown that social media can bring about negative emotions and can cause people to be jealous and lonely.

Take time away form social media so you can build your confidence.


It is important that you care about what you think and that you don’t always seek other people to approve of you.  When you are jealous of other people, chances are that you are not satisfied with what life brings you.  This behavior will lead to insecurity and happiness will not last.

When you are looking at jealousy, know that it is something that brings other feelings such as anger and hate.  People that can manage these feelings will see that they only need to answer to themselves.


Stop focusing on labels and what everyone else has.  Don’t be insecure with what you have.  Be comfortable with who you are and what you have.


Stop comparing yourself to others.  Comparing yourself to others can take away your joy and cause you to be angry at other people, even ones that haven’t done anything to you,  You need to focus on your life and stop focusing on what other people have.

There will always be someone that has more than you or is better than you at something.  Stop being jealous and know that you are good enough.  Be focused on who you are and not who everyone else is.