What is Your Zodiac Sign’s Flirting Style?


images (22)Love at first sight is very real and people have created their own unique ways to get someone interested. There are many ways in which people communicate their romantic interest. The flirting comes first, and then Cupid strikes. But if you think men are the only ones who communicate physical attraction, you’d be wrong as both men and women are equally into flirting.

What is your flirting technique? Find out below.


Aries’ flirtation style is direct and immediate. You’ll hear compliments on how wonderful your hair or clothes look, especially at this very moment. Aries like to get things going faster than you may be used to and you could be asked on a date so effortlessly that you don’t even realize you should get dressed up. But once you catch on to Aries’ intentions, it never hurts to play a little hard to get. Aries love a good chase.


A Taurus who is attracted to you may be so absorbed in that feeling that he or she appears passive. But you can read a Taurus’s interest by this steady, sensual sign’s behavior. You’ll see it in the physical proximity a Taurean keeps to you at social events or the fact that your Bull is suddenly more engaged when someone else starts giving you attention. You may need to show a little special interest in your Taurus to get things going, but no worries, an attentive Taurus will be watching for it.


Given their mercurial nature, Gemini’s favorite way to flirt is by catching your attention with unexpected behavior. If you think you’re talking to a nice guy, a bad boy may suddenly emerge. And if you think Gemini is cold and aloof, you may suddenly experience a charming display of manners. Either way, if you see the telltale change of behavior, you can be sure your Gemini is ready to play and wants you to join in. Why not enjoy it? Gemini is one of the most interesting and witty signs in the zodiac.


You may have experienced Cancers as shy and not very outwardly flirtatious, but the truth is they can only take so much anticipation. That’s why if things start heating up, you may find a Crab asking some pretty direct questions, like if you’re interested in him or her, what you’d like to do most on a date, or if it’s okay to kiss you. Although Cancer’s style is not as romantic as more subtle seducers, Cancers are quite happy to let you know where they stand and listen to and meet your needs.


Leo is the sign of the Lion, the king of beasts and the person who wants to live center stage in the drama of life. Often this cheerful character can be found livening up a party with humorous stories about personal adventures. You’ll know a Leo has serious sights on you when the stories shift to talk of “the two of us.” Hold back on heavy flirting until you see this happen. Otherwise, you may be spending your time with a charmer who enjoys the flattery of your flirtations and wants nothing more.


Virgos have very active minds, and they spend as much energy covering up their flirting as they do in being truly charming. In fact, until Virgos are happily involved in a relationship they see no problem in sending mixed signals, even if you are direct. But getting to the bottom of a Virgo’s intentions is easy. Simply watch for this detail loving sign to talk about the big picture. This rare topic of conversation is a sure sign that a Virgo has passionate intentions and is open to achieving them together.


A Libra lives for relationships. This Venusian sign can talk about love or past romances with great abandon. A Libra also loves to flirt by being suggestive about possible future involvement. But the most challenging thing is to get a Libra to commit to anything beyond the casual. So your choice is to either join a Libra in flirting for the pleasure of it or wait for the moment you see there’s a deep interest in you and your life story. If you have a Libra listening then, you’ll know it’s more than just casual.


images (23)Flirting with a Scorpio is not for the weak of heart. Simultaneously sexy and intense, when a Scorpio is bound and determined to seduce you, he or she will have a hypnotic quality. You’ll know a Scorpio has begun flirting with you when you get a deep look in the eyes, followed by a secret being shared. Things are going to the next level when your Scorpio invites you to go somewhere alone, most likely a place that seems mysterious or magical, and definitely somewhere private.


Getting a Sagittarius to flirt is easy. Convincing a Sagittarius to get serious is another matter entirely. Life sometimes feels like one great big playing field to these Jupiter natives. But you can avoid the typical Sagittarian game of wavering between seduction and commitment by accepting that your Archer needs to feel in control of the relationship. If you can gently take the lead while appearing to let the Archer have it, a Sag’s constant flirtation may soon happily settle into a satisfying commitment with you.


A Capricorn who is interested in you may talk about his or her accomplishments, such as professional achievements, a beautiful home, or a successful social circle. What’s important to understand is that this is a Cappy’s way of welcoming you into his or her life and letting you know what is available to you. If this sounds more formal than flirtatious, it’s because those born under the sign of Saturn don’t have the natural social ease of other zodiac signs. But it also makes a Capricorn seduction a lot easier to spot.


Aquarians are exciting and unpredictable. An Aquarian could be in the midst of flirting wildly with you when the mention of a certain topic grabs his or her attention and derails the seduction that was just started. Aquarians love jumping into discussions of politics, philosophy or art, even if the mood was set for something completely different just moments earlier. Aquarians are also known to become suddenly direct about their sensual desires. Be prepared for surprises!


You might know a Pisces is flirting with you even before he or she does. Because Pisceans operate on intuition most of the time, they rarely if ever following a specific game plan or tactical strategy. For example, you could get into a conversation about the weather that gradually takes on a flirtatious mood while your Pisces love interest just keeps talking about whether to buy an umbrella. Give clear cues about your intentions to a Pisces to entice this water sign’s desire into action.


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