What is a Monkey Branching Relationship?

afraid to commit to you

Do you ever feel that your partner is only putting a little bit of effort into the relationship? You know he likes you and probably even loves you, but you also know that he isn’t giving his all. There is nothing that can be more hurtful than being in this kind of relationship.

This kind of relationship is called a monkey branching relationship. This means that you are with someone, but you feel that they are not ready to commit to you. They are always telling you they need more time, or they aren’t ready yet.

Being in a Monkey Branching Relationship

Here are some signs you are in a monkey branching relationship:

Dating Apps

Almost everyone has a dating app on their phone but if you are with someone and you find out that they are actively on their dating app, this is a bad sign. Maybe you met him on a dating app, and you know that you both dated others from the app.

But now that you are together, you expect him to get rid of the app. If he still has the app on his phone, he might have accidently forgotten to take it off or he might be waiting to see if you are the one for him.

It can be nerve-wracking to be in a new relationship and not everyone wants to cut the cord just in case. But, if your relationship has been going on for a while and you see that he still has the app on his phone, that is a huge red flag.

You need to ask him if he is active on his app and why he has it. Don’t sneak around but just come out and ask him.

He Won’t Give You Time

It is normal to try to be fair in the relationship and to give time to your friends, yourself and your partner. One you get comfortable with your partner it is easy to not spend as much time with them. But if he is out of nowhere making plans without you and no sharing them with you, you need to find out why.

There is a chance he is dating other women or that he is trying to distance from you. Pay attention to what kind of conversations he is having with you and others and find out what he is up to. Always pay attention to what your gut feeling is telling you.

You Haven’t Met His Friends

He keeps telling you that he is going to introduce you to his friends, but he has been in so many relationships that ended fast that he never makes time to make this happen. He is always going from one relationship to the other and you might be the next one he does this to.

If you have only hung out together with him and he hasn’t introduced you to anyone he knows, you might be in a monkey brancher relationship. He probably will make excuses about meeting his friends such as:

  • They are too busy right now.
  • He will make plans for you to meet them soon.
  • He is waiting for the right time.
  • They changed plans on him.

He will be someone that doesn’t waste his time on getting you known or getting you close to people that he loves and cares about. Have you met his friends or family yet? How come?

He Hasn’t Met Your Friends, Either!

The same thing happens when you want to introduce him to your friends, but he just doesn’t care about forming those relationships. This is a classic trait of someone in a monkey branching relationship.

Are you someone that tries to make plans for him to meet your friends, but he always has an excuse like:

  • I have to help my friends move.
  • I can’t, I’m busy right now.
  • I was going to come but I had something else I needed to do.
  • I have to work.
  • I have to do school work.

If any of this is a response that you have gotten when you try to get him to meet your friends, pay attention to the signs around you.

Lacking Boundaries

A monkey branching relationship will usually end fast and that means that there are not a lot of boundaries. The boundaries are there to keep you safe, but they also slow down a relationship. He is most likely not going to commit to you so he wants to get what he can out of the relationship while he is in it.

Do you feel that he is always crossing your boundaries and moving too fast? You might think he is into you and that is the reason, but the truth can be that he doesn’t respect you or your boundaries. He might make the relationship move fast so he can get sex and not have to be long-term involved to get what he wants. If this is happening, end the relationship now.

A Lot of Exes

When your man has a lot of ex-girlfriends, this is a big sign of a monkey brancher. He will have a lot of women from his past and most of the relationships won’t last very long. He chooses to break them off before things get serious.

Ask him when he was single last and how many women he has had. Find out how many relationships he has been into and why they ended.

Always Flirting with Others

Most monkey branchers are flirty and they will flirt right in front of you. They know how to talk to the ladies to get what they want. This is one of the biggest traits of a monkey brancher and flirting will be something that comes in different forms. He might meet someone online and message them, meet someone at the bar, flirt with the waitress or whoever he comes around.

Stop thinking it over and if he is flirting with everyone, you need to be ready to move on.

He Changes Out of Nowhere

Being in a monkey branching relationship can be very painful. It will leave you with a variety of emotions. He will be all about you one day and then ignore you the next. He thinks of you as a trophy and once he gets it, he gets bored.

If you feel that your man is not into you anymore, chances are he is about to leave you. He will change his behavior fast and move on.

Nothing is Ever His Fault

A monkey brancher has no faults. No matter what he does wrong, it is always your fault. He is getting ready to end the relationship and move on and so he won’t take responsibility for his actions.

These kinds of men have a lot of experience, and you will see that he is out of the relationship before you can even blink. If you feel that you never do anything right for him, chances are the relationship is coming to an end.

He is Hooked on Your Physical Appearance

Most people fall in love based on how someone looks first and then things get deeper and you love them more for their inside. A monkey brancher is the opposite. They want to fall in love with something that catches their eye. Then if you don’t keep up this appearance, they become bored.

He will be someone that is always buying new clothes and getting a new hairdo. He will want to dress to the hilt and you to do the same. If he is just hooked on looks, you need to watch out.

What to Do in a Monkey Branching Relationship

If you find that you are in this kind of relationship, there are some things that you can do including:

  • Dump him: You don’t want to be caught in a relationship that is going to only satisfy him and leave you hurt and broken. Know your worth and realize that you are better off without him. If he isn’t ready to commit to you then leave him. Chances are that he has low-self-esteem and no morals.
  • See what happens: He might stay with you, or he might leave you, but you can stay and see what happens. You might want to meet someone new and not have to deal with him anymore and if you stick with this relationship, you won’t be able to do that. Look at your relationship and see if you are better to cut your losses and move on or stick it out and see.
  • Hero Instinct: If you can get this man to trigger his hero instinct then you will be able to keep him. You might want to be mad at him or to get rid of him but if you make him feel like he has to be your hero then his feelings will change. Men biologically want to be needed and it makes them feel good. If you want to trigger this, chances are he will make you happy in the relationship.


Find out what kind of relationship that you are in and make sure that you are in one that makes you happy. You can find love and care in a relationship with someone that treats you right. If you feel that you are in a monkey branching relationship, talk to a relationship coach that can help you.