What is a Lightworker?

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are people that share their light wherever they go, helping people to heal. All lightworkers are on a mission that they need to complete and that is why they were put on the earth.

Lightworkers are called different things such as:

  • Earth angels
  • Indigos
  • Spiritual human beings
  • Star seeds

Lightworkers area important because they give their time to the earth and spread their energies so that they can help bring positivity and light to the earth. They use their gifts to help heal and to enlighten other people.

One thing that is important that a lightworker does is to try and take people to a different spiritual level. Where there are problems in the world, it can leave people feeling upset and not able to be positive and a lightworker is there to help take away fear and to help people reach their better self.

There are people that are not good such as rapists and murderers and instead of feeling fear or rejection or hate because of these people, lightworkers send out light and focus on healing and loving the person that is the perpetrator.

If you send negative energies to the universe, even for people that you feel deserve it, you will get negativity back to you.

There will be fighting and people that do not understand what a lightworker does but if a lightworker wants to heal someone, they have to be full of love.

Each time you experience a lesson, or you have pain, its teachers you something new and helps you to learn and grow. The lightworker will teach you things that you will experience, and you will be able to help other people in your life such as your friends, families, clients or even people you work with.

The mission of a lightworker has to do with staying full of love. You have to not let your ego take over and you have to choose to have love instead of fear or anger. You must learn to let go of things that cause negativity and learn to focus on your life.

Lightworkers are born to heal others and they will be able to help people heal in their emotions and their bodies. They will also be able to teach others, counsel and write.

Those lightworkers that are called to heal others will be at a higher realm in their spirituality and they will be there to help change a persons to reach their true self. They will also be able to ask their guides to help bring healing.

Your inner guide will help you know what you are supposed to do in your life. You will learn training and your guide will help you to know what school or teacher you should reach out to.

The universe will help you to be able to afford fees and courses and you will have future clients that will come to you.

Never worry about what you will learn and just yourself. Every lightworker will get an assignment and will be called on to do healing work. Their energy will help them to reach their true self.

Energy healing is used by lightworkers that will tune into their psychic abilities and be able to change their own energy to healing energy. This will allow them to reach your emotions and can also be used in mediumship.

The purpose of being a lightworker is that they can help to do psychic readings, tell the future, heal, and know what is going on in someone’s body or emotions.

Make sure that you allow the spirit world to send its energy to you so that you watch what you are thinking and how you treat others. Spiritual texts will affect how you think about yourself and will allow you to be more positive in your mindset.

Learn to treat others good and to treat yourself with respect. You have to learn to do this so that you can grow.

Healing Thoughts

You can take time to say things that can help you heal no matter what you are going through. You can even find people that will participate in healing affirmations that you can say to help bring healing faster.