What Does a Yellow Aura Mean?

Yellow Aura

If you are someone that is excited and happy and you are very creative, it can mean that your aura is yellow. Having a yellow aura can mean that you are happy and fun to be around. A yellow aura is a great aura color to have.

What Does a Yellow Aura Mean for the Spirit and Emotions?

Did someone tell you that you have a yellow aura? If so, this can mean that you are in a good place in your life. This can mean that you have happiness, and you feel free. It can mean that you are strong in your spirit. Here are some other things it might mean you are:

• Happy.
• Optimistic.
• Easy to get along with.
• Creative.
• A great leader or mentor.
• Someone going through their awakening.
• Inspirational.
• A musically talented person.
• Teacher.
• A healer.
• Psychic such as a medium.
• Smart.
• Insightful.
• Having strong energies.
• Willing to expand your horizons.
• Strong in your emotions.


The yellow aura can mean that you are happy and that you are easy to love and find love. This can mean that you are giving and that you feel good when you help others.


You might be going through your awakening if you have a yellow aura. This means that you are growing and becoming enlightened in your spiritual self. You may become attached to the spirit world.


Someone that has a yellow aura is often inspiring to others. They help others to see the goodness of life and the energies that they send out are positive.


People that are leaders often have a yellow aura. This can be someone that is a spiritual leader or just a leader in general. You might have a strong third eye chakra.


You probably are someone that is very positive, and you don’t think about things in a negative way. If something happens that you aren’t happy about, you just get up and try again.

Easy to Get Along with

Having a positive attitude is part of who you are. People pick up on this energy and they want to be around you and to hang out with you because you make them feel good about who they are.


Yellow auras often have strong creativity. They are good at things such as art, singing, dancing and other things. They have strong energies, and they are sometimes healers.

Being a Mentor

Someone with a yellow aura is able to mentor and teach others.  They are true about who they are, and they want to follow their spiritual man. They can help others by teaching them about life and about hope.

Different Shades of Yellow Aura

The yellow aura can come in different shades and here are some of the shades and what they mean:

  • Bright yellow: This kind of aura can mean that you have a strong heart, and you are open to love. You give to others, and you are selfless.
  • Pale yellow: This can mean that you need to mediate and that you have new things coming to your life that you need to control.
  • Lemon yellow: This is a color that means that you are speaking the truth. It can mean that you speak about spiritual things, and you want everyone to be honest.
  • Gold: a gold aura can mean that you have no fear and that you want to grow. It can mean that you are about learning new things and that you are a great communicator.
  • Brownish yellow: This color aura can mean that you know how to manifest things to your life. It can mean you are centered and grounded and that you are strong in your spiritual self.

Making Friends

If you have a yellow aura, chances are that you make friends very easily. It can mean that you love others and that you are able to inspire people to live their best lives. It can also mean that you are open to new things and that you are always seeing the positive in things.

Finding Romance

Being a yellow aura can mean that you will find new love. It can mean that you don’t want your old relationships to fizzle out, but you want to try to keep things strong. You might find a lover, but you also might be about ending a relationship if you aren’t finding it exciting enough. You will find the right partner and you will meet new people along the way. You love adventure and you want people to appreciate you.

Having a Purpose

It can be hard for a yellow aura to settle down in life with a career or with a job. You might be someone that tries new things and wants to always have a new job or idea. You set goals and you reach them but sometimes you get bored with them. You want to be in a job that is creative and helpful like being an artist or being a teacher.

Third Chakra

Yellow auras can mean that your third eye chakra is open. It can mean that you have energy in your core. You can feel that your energies will respond when there is anger or fear and that you get a bad feeling when you have these emotions.

You want to live a happy life and you try to find the energies that will bring peace and joy to your life.

Blocked Third Eye

If your third eye is blocked, it can mean you are depressed or that you are afraid of something. It can be hard for you to deal with this, so it is important to eat foods that are yellow to help open up this third eye.

Understanding a Yellow Aura

Your aura color can change multiple times a day depending on what you are feeling. It can be yellow now, but it can be blue or red later in the day. Look at what you are going through and find out what kind of emotions you have. Having a yellow aura is a good thing and it can mean you are in a good place right now.


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