Use Your Intuition to Meet Your Soulmate

Meet Your Soulmate

Finding lasting love isn’t easy.  We are quick to download the latest dating app, but it seems like all the people one meets are just looking for a hook-up rather than love.  What is one to do in order to avoid heartache and wasted time?  Now is the time to tap into the powers of your intuition!

Listen to your intuition

Your intuition is that quiet, yet persistent inner voice inside your head that something is amiss (both positive or negative), something is about to happen, or something you should work to avoid.  Commonly referred to as a “gut feeling,” intuition is a normal occurrence that happens to everyone.  It is a person’s choice whether to listen to it or not.  People can always experience “cognitive difference,” a psychological sense of noticing a difference between one’s attitude and behavior.  Cognitive difference is the gnawing discomfort when you do an action that does not align with your knowledge pool.  Consider how in a recent relationship you inherently knew this person wasn’t right for you, but you kept dating them, hoping they would change, regardless.  Thankfully you can try the following exercises to reconnect with your intuition and avoid potential hardships.

Get in touch with your inner wisdom

Learning how to listen to your intuition isn’t easy and requires ample practice and patience.  You will need to work at tuning out external noises from your daily life and listen to your Highest Self.  Find time to escape from your daily chores and carve out some time just to sit with your thoughts.  What are the thoughts that your subconscious is being up?  Likewise, pay attention to your dreams.  Dreams link to our feelings, fears, and desires and are wonderful vehicles for our intuition to speak to us.


Meditation is an excellent way for us to connect with our inner essence.  Consider trying a guided meditation to help you get accustom to the practice and to gain tools for you to try out as you get more confident.  You can choose to find a group to practice with or download an app to your phone or table to practice in the comfort of your own home.  Set an intention on areas you would like to change and empower yourself to chart your own destiny.  Journaling your thoughts and taking them out of your head and putting them onto paper can be an excellent visualization tool.  The more you practice visualization the easier it becomes to manifest your goal.

Power of attraction and soulmates

Once you get clear on what you want and aspects you are seeking, the easier it gets to hear your intuition!  Maintaining a clear focus is essential to understanding whether or not your current actions and situations aligns with your ambitions or not.

Such is the case when it comes to looking for a partner.  As you know exactly what you want in a relationship you can begin to harness the power of attraction, the theory that you attract the same type of energy you emit.  If you transmit loving, receptive, positive energy then you likewise will attract loving, receptive, and positive energy back.  Conversely, if you frequently are frantic, stressed out, and aggressive then you will attract the same type of negative energy.

Keep in mind that true love doesn’t find you overnight.  Have a sense of grace that your soulmate will find you when the time is right for you both.  By committing to reflecting self-care practices such as meditation and journaling to listen to your intuition, you can funnel those insights into the power of attraction to draw your soulmate into your life!  Listen to your intuition to eliminate any potential partners that don’t align with your values, so you can be ready to meet your ideal love.  Above all, remember the power of positivity.  Focus on empowering your inner voice to cultivate a healthy, positive, and balance frame of mind to ensure love will find you as quick as possible.