Twin Flame Communication

Twin Flame Communication

Psychics are always asked about love and relationships.  People are focused on their partner or someone that they are interested in and this takes up a huge part of their thinking.  The twin flame will dominate the other persons thoughts, and this has to do with psychic communication.

If you have a twin flame and you know that you and your twin flame are linked by your heart and your chakras, you are in love with them.  The problem is that the universe might not be ready for you to see them yet and the distance is to far apart right now.  Even though the distance can be far apart, you can understand your twin flame more by communicating with them. You will be able to tell if you are connected to them.


Whenever you have a twin flame and they reach your spirit level, you will have many different types of energies that enter in your life.  These energies will be toward you and your twin flame, and you will have a soul connection.  Love will go throughout the earth between you and your twin flame.

You and your twin flame are spiritually connected even before you meet each other.  Through time, you have connected with your twin flame.  This connection could have happened in a different time, dimension or life.  The communication will still be strong.

Communication with your twin flame will have means of connecting.  You will be able to communicate with them, but you might not be able to understand or figure out what they symbol of the communication mean.  You may not be able to understand each other but you will realize that your twin flame is trying to connect with you.  This happens in the heart chakra and in your mental place and your emotions.

Heart Chakra

Your twin flame will be united with your heart through the heart chakra and this will be what opens you up to love.  You will be able to channel your feelings and be able to communicate with them through your heart.  Love is strong and you will be able to embrace it and to feel the energies of the universe around you.

7th Chakra

You can also communicate through the 7th chakra and this is a high vibrational frequency.  You and your twin flame will be on the same frequency and your mental body will play into this communication.

Twin flames are connected more than through love but through the universe and through space and time.  This energy is a cosmic energy and part of the twin’s energy flows.  The twin should be able to know what the other twin is doing no matter where he or she is.

Other Connections

There are other connections you will feel with your twin flame including:

  • Having butterflies in your stomach.
  • Feeling your energy growing.
  • Knowing they are close to you.
  • Imagining your twin flame in your mind.
  • Feeling someone breathing close to you even though they are not there.