Signs You’re with the Wrong Person

Signs You’re with the Wrong Person

When you care deeply for someone you might not be able to see past the feelings in your heart to realize that they aren’t a great match for you. You might be too busy finding things that you love and ignoring the things that are wrong about them. The red flags are still there rather you admit it or not.

Relationships like this never end good. You have to be able to see when there are things wrong in the relationship as much as when things are right.

Love means different things for different people, and it can mean that you don’t share the same values, or it can mean just an attraction. Sometimes someone isn’t a good fit for you just because they aren’t.

If you have found yourself in this situation, it doesn’t mean that your love life is messed up forever, it just means that you aren’t going to make it through this relationship. You need to look at the signs and find out if they aren’t the right person for you.

Even if it hurts to go away from this person and to breakup with them, the sooner you do it, the quicker you can find someone that is meant to be with you.

  • Time Isn’t Compatible

When you and your partner can’t get your schedules to work out so that you can spend time together, this can be a problem. Even though you can keep being in a relationship with someone that is long-distance, you can face the same kinds of problems when your schedules won’t line up. This can make you see that you might not be meant to be together.

  • Communication Lacks

It is good to be positive and to hope that your partner will change for the better when your relationship is straining. If there are issues, you need to work through them together but if you are always saying what is wrong and your partner is ignoring your pleas, chances are the relationship isn’t going to work.

  • On and Off Again

Having an on and off again relationship can be hard. You might want to not give up on the person so you might decide to let them come back into your life but the sooner that you realize it isn’t going to work, the less heartbreak you will have to deal with.

  • Always Giving

Notice if your partner isn’t giving as much as you are in the relationship. If you find that you are giving up your time, giving things and doing stuff to make the relationship better and your partner isn’t, it can be a sign that you are in a codependent relationship. This kind of relationship is unbalanced, and you are likely there meeting their needs and not getting your needs met.

  • Unhealthy Habits

You need to make sure that you are able to take care of yourself in life. Having self-care habits before you start a relationship is a great idea. If you are someone that eats healthy, exercises, and does other things that makes your life better, don’t stop because you are dating someone.

If you find that you aren’t taking good care of yourself or you are picking up bad habits, it can be a sign to move on.

  • Labeling the Relationship

Not everyone thinks that having a relationship label is a good idea but if you are with someone and they aren’t telling anyone that you are together, this is a red flag. This is a difference in values, and they probably don’t want to commit to you.

  • Being Put Last

Don’t be with someone that is always going to put you lasts or see you as an option. You can date more than one person but if you find that you are always being put last, chances are that they don’t like you that much.

  • They Make You Feel Comfortable

You should always feel comfortable around you partner but if you are only with them because you feel comfortable with them, this isn’t a good reason. You need to see if you still have love and passion with the person that you are with. Be honest with your feelings.

  • Love and Lust

If you are confused if you love someone or if you are just crushing on them, this can be a sign you are in the wrong relationship. Love should be a deep respect for each other and not just a desire to be together in bed.

  • They Embarrass You

When you are out in the world and your partner has habits that are annoying or embarrassing, it can be a sign that you might need to find someone else. Stop apologizing for how they are acting and move on.

  • They Don’t Understand You

Sometimes a person lacks understanding you because they don’t really want to understand you. Getting to know each other of course takes time and patience, but if they are seeming to understand you less and less, this can be a bad situation.

  • Uncomfortable About Sex

Sex is an important part of a relationship and if you are not able to talk about what you want with your partner then this can be a sign that you aren’t really with someone that loves you or someone that you love.

  • Overthinking

You should always be careful with how you talk to people and what you say but when you express your feelings and you are not able to say what you are feeling around your partner without them getting mad, this is a bad sign.

Your partner should listen to what you need and if you feel that you are going to be judged or put down for your feelings, know that the relationship might be on the breakup.

  • Anxious and Stressed

Being with someone that you aren’t compatible with can cause you to have stress and anxiety. If you feel calm and good in your relationship, this is a good sign, but if you don’t, notice what you are feeling when you are with them.

  • Giving In

Do you find that you are always giving in to your partner? Are you always compromising what you want and what you need for them? Do you change your schedule to make time for them, but they aren’t giving the same care back? This can be a disaster in a relationship.

  • Only About You

Maybe you have a partner that is all about your needs and all about what you want. They are always reaching out to make sure that you get what you want. Even though this seems nice, you need to make sure that they are confident and aren’t insecure in the relationship. You need a partner that can be equal with you.

  • No Trust

Trust is the building block of any relationship. If you aren’t able to trust your partner, then chances are that the relationship isn’t going to work out.

  • Their Family Makes You Feel Strange

You want to be with someone that you get along with their family because this is extremely important. If you don’t feel good around their family, you need to make sure that you want that before you truly commit to the relationship.

  • You Don’t Care Who Likes Them

Have you been with this person for a long time, and you have a lot of people that say things that they don’t like about them? Maybe you don’t care if your family or friends likes who you are with. Make sure that you are willing to live that kind of life with this person. The right person should be liked by you and everyone else.

  • Needing Attention

Being with the right person means that you are going to get the attention that you want. If you are lacking this feeling and you feel that you aren’t able to get the attention that you need, this can be a wrong relationship for you.

  • You Have Strong Insecurities

Someone that loves you should care about what you are insecure about. If they are ignoring you or of, they are choosing to not acknowledge that you have insecurities or what makes you feel uncomfortable, they might not be about you.

  • Do You Love Them?

Even if your partner seems to be perfect on paper, are they perfect for you? There might be a list of reasons why they are good for you and there might be a list of reasons why they aren’t so good for you. Figure out the good and the bad and decide if the relationship is right for you.

  • Love the Fantasy More than The Truth

When you meet someone that has a lot of goodness in their life and you start thinking about how the future could be for you, there is nothing wrong with that. You need to see if you are in love with that person because of who they might become or because of who they are.

Loving the wrong person might make you focus on the changes that they might make happen in their life. Instead of focusing on what they can be, focus on who they are and see if you like them now.


  1. This article offers an insightful perspective on recognizing the red flags within a relationship. While it’s often difficult to confront, identifying these issues early can save one from prolonged emotional distress.

  2. Identifying when a relationship is more about comfort than genuine love and passion is critical. The distinction between love and lust also adds an important layer to understanding one’s feelings.

  3. The article’s emphasis on trust and understanding within a relationship is fundamental. Without these core elements, sustaining a healthy and fulfilling partnership can be incredibly challenging.

  4. The points raised about communication and time compatibility are crucial. It is indeed essential to maintain a balanced relationship where both partners invest equally in their shared time and communication.

  5. The section on unhealthy habits and self-care resonated with me. It’s important to maintain personal well-being and not sacrifice one’s healthy routines or ideals for the sake of a relationship.


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