Partners embedding themselves in each other’s brains in a positive way will result to love that will lasts.
Memory circuits and pleasure get all wound up together so that the other person becomes integral to the very structure of your brain, and you become part of the structure of his.

Relationship is a home, a refuge against the outside storms. And just like any houses, it requires a strong, lasting foundation. And to build one, every couple needs to take certain steps that turn the two of you into not just you and me but we.

Start Up the Day With A Small Kindness

Every time you wake up in the morning, think of the things like what you can do to make his or her day
happier. You need to turn toward each other and focus on the him or her, even just for a couple of minutes
when you first wake up.

You Are Not The Same

Sometimes, you have to be able to try to understand what the other person is thinking in any given situation
even it is difficult though. The main thing is that everybody, even your partner, has their own ideas about the
world. Even if you’re in a very intimate relationship, the other person is still another person. And that means
that you’re not the same.

Surround yourself with happy couples

Hanging around with negative people, will give you negative effect. Instead, find some positive people and hang around with them. You know, success imitates success. So if you hang around with people who seem to have a very successful happy relationship, well, maybe you too will have a relationship like them.

Share Chores Based on Your Strengths

You just need to share at home when it comes to tasks. Both of you needs to be cooperative. And here’s the
way to do it. The person who can do the task best is the one who should do it. Whatever the task maybe.

Take A Break

If conflict occurs, remember this Chinese saying, “Take a step back, and you can see the whole sky.” It means
take a step away, just step back and then you see other things clearly.

There’s always a lesson to learn

It seems to me that relationship is a process. It takes time for it to be successful. You’ll never get there unless
you’ve finished the process. It’s always more work than you can possibly imagine. In my case, it was worth it.

Successful, long-lasting relationships foster an environment where conflicts and issues are surfaced and resolved safely and respectfully. How are conflicts and issues handled in your relationship? Is there a commitment to safely and respectfully resolve conflicts and issues in a timely manner?