Long Distance Relationship Life

Long Distance Relationship Life

Many people ask the question, “How long will my long-distance relationship last? This is a question that can be asked but it can change depending on what the circumstances are. Some long distance relationships will last just for a few months and some will end up with the couple moving in together or getting married or if the relationship is ended. Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t mean that it is a good relationship with you and even ones that last aren’t always seen as good.

There are some people that think that if they can live happily together even with there being such distance that the relationship will be successful. But, while the biggest goal is to be together, this isn’t the only thing that has to happen in a long-distance relationship.

A long distance relationship can affect your life and the distance can change who you are and who you are with. If you want to be in a relationship that is good and successful, you need to understand how the distance works and how long you are expecting to be away from each other.

Will a Long-Distance Relationship Work?

Long distance relationships can last even all the way to marriage. If both people are equally committed to making the relationship work, it can last as long as they want it to. The important thing to find out though is if both partners are happy.

As time goes on, wanting to be physical can take a toll on the relationship. This can often lead to one partner or both partners cheating. They need this closeness that is not being given to them and this can end up ending the relationship because of trust.

When there are couples that stay in a long distance relationship and they don’t have the closeness that they need, there has to be communication and trust. You have to be able to communicate your feelings and to figure out how you can work through these things.

Some people will deal with these kinds of relationships because they have to and not because they choose the distance. It can leave one or both partners feeling sad, insecure and leaving them missing each other.

If doubts start coming about the relationship, these ideas that you form can become part of what you believe. The insecurity that you have can lead to jealousy and this will lead to arguments that can cause the relationship to end. This is something that happens when the relationship isn’t working out well.

You need to work on fixing any trust issues that are in the relationship and the longer the relationship lasts, you will need to figure out how to have some intimacy here and there. Otherwise, the relationship might not work out.

Long distance relationships never work out but you can make them possible and move to being with your partner if you can stay with them long enough to make that happen.

Surviving Distance

Some people believe that if they can work through the distance situation that the relationship will work out. This can be true but sometimes the relationship and the distance change so much that it ends up changing who you are. This is why some people will break up after they finally get to be together.

If you want your relationship to be successful then you have to figure out how to be successful and happy together. There has to be an agreement on what you both need. If one partner needs to have intimacy more than the other partner, you have to communicate this and understand the struggle.

Not having intimacy can lead to sexual problems and it can cause there to be a negative connection between the partners. Talking about this can help to void out arguments that the partners will have due to misunderstandings and other issues.

No matter how long your relationship works, you have to know that patience is one way to make it last longer. Long distance relationships can be happy but you might also be miserable if you aren’t able to see your partner or to understand why they are gone so long. Not being able to communicate will lead to a toxic relationship.

Being in a toxic relationship means that you are fighting all the time and it can cause there to be problems. There could even be a temporary breakup that is necessary. Long distance relationships really last the best when they are short lived and this can keep you happy in the relationship until you can be together.

Some couples want to make the relationship last too longer. This can cause there to be a struggle and you have to figure out what is best for you and your partner. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • How much time do you want to spend together?
  • How long can you be happy with the distance?
  • How long did the relationship last so far?
  • How long have you been away from your partner? What do you feel about this?
  • Can you visit each other?
  • Do you have a plan to get married or move in together?

Figure out the answers to these questions and then you can find out if you can make your long-distance relationship work or not. Making this relationship work doesn’t mean that it should last even if you aren’t happy. You need to make sure that you are in a relationship that makes you feel good.

How to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Strong

You can keep your long-distance relationship working if you figure out what you want. Being romantic with someone and being in a relationship means that you expect to have some kind of intimacy. You can’t have this if you are apart too long and this can lead to problems.

If you become in a relationship that causes you to struggle, you need to decide if the relationship is worth continuing or leave it in a respectful way. You can make these relationships work but there has to be effort on both parts.

Look at the relationship that you are in and see if you are happy or if you are in a relationship that is leading to something toxic. Find out what the struggles are that you are facing and see what makes you happy in the relationship.

You  might realize that this relationship lasted longer than you expected it to and you might feel that it is time to move on. Each relationship comes to a point where there has to be a change. You cannot keep going without some kind of intimacy and emotional connection with your partner.

When you try to make this kind of relationship work too long, you will see that it can cause you to be unhappy and it can be unhealthy for both of you. One sign that the relationship is ending is that you aren’t sharing what you are feeling and being open in your communication.

If you and your partner stop talking much, it can be because there is no real connection anymore. You might be avoiding talking about things because you are falling out of love or because you no longer feel satisfied by it.

Take time to talk to your partner and to make sure that you both share what you are feeling. You need to figure out what you want from the relationship, how long you expect to stay in the relationship and you need to agree how often and when you will talk and see each other.

Making your long-distance relationship last for a few months is okay but if it goes too long without moving in together then chances are that the relationship will not work. Here are some things to do:

Discuss the Relationship

The first thing that you need to do is talk about the relationship. Where do you want it to go? Is the relationship serious? Do you want to be with this person? Have you been with this person before, or did you meet online?

If you aren’t sure what you want out of the relationship then chances are it isn’t going to work out for you. You don’t have to have this conversation right away but make sure that you share the same goals and values. If you don’t, moving in together probably won’t work out well either.

Some people forget that when they are sharing with their partner that they need to not only share their feelings but also their desires. This is one way to make the relationship work. Even if you want to make the relationship work, you need to know what you both feel before you can ever figure it out.

Make a Plan

Make a plan on when you can end the long-distance relationship and move in together. You have to set a timeline as to when this is happening and make it happen. Maybe you have already been in this kind of relationship before, and you know exactly what to expect. Having no intimacy will cause you to feel sad or upset if you don’t make a plan.

Agree on Communication

The biggest part of making this kind of relationship work is to make sure that you are communicating with each other. Find the best ways to communicate with each other through phone, voice chat, messaging, video calls or more. Do whatever you need to do to talk to each other and not to just text each other.

Some of the biggest problems with communicating is that you don’t spend enough time doing it. Your conversations can become boring if you spend too much time on one conversation without talking more often.

Make sure that you have meaningful conversations and that you are staying connected with them. Since there won’t be any intimacy, you need to make sure that you are visiting each other on a regular basis. You need to talk about the relationship while you are together.

The visits that you have should allow you to connect in an emotional and a physical way. This can be hard for some because of the lack of time. While you are together, figure out any problems that you are having in the relationship and talk them out. Come up with a solution to make these things better.

Visit Each Other

Take time to visit each other on a regular basis. You have to do this so that you can be together and have the intimacy that you both need.

Be Honest and Open

Even if things start to change in your heart, be honest about this. This can help there to be less misunderstandings and for there to be les confusion. When you aren’t talking to each other you will fight more than you normally would. Also, there has to be a talk about sexual frustration and how to handle this.

College Relationships

Most of the time a teenage relationship will last through college that is long-distance but most people don’t think that this is important. People that are young will be tempted to go into relationships and they will stay together but they aren’t taking time to even figure out who they are.

Hold out on this and wait until you have an opportunity to grow and to meet the person that you could be with for your whole lifetime. Meet new people and find people that you can connect with. Let yourself grow so that you can be clear on what you want.

Long-Distance Marriages

Being in a long-distance marriage is different than a relationship because you are committed for a lifetime. This means that you are already serious in the relationship and you can work through the feelings of being insecure. You know who your partner is and what they are all about.

Still, it is important that you talk about things and you make sure that you aren’t creating a toxic space for either of you.

Final Thoughts

Long-distance relationships can last but many of them don’t. You have to figure out how your relationship is going and if it is healthy. People in these kinds of relationships will need to have open communication to work through the challenges. Just like any other kind of relationship, a relationship takes work.

Making a long distance relationship work can be hard and you have to make sure that you deal with any issue that comes up and that they are fixed right away. No matter if you choose to stay in this relationship or end it, always be honest with your partner.

Meet new people along your journey and if you stay with your partner, include them in your life. Even with a lack of intimacy, you can make this work. Long distance relationships will be hard to meet your sexual needs but the longer the relationship lasts the less likely it will be that it will end. Work through the hard times and find peace and happiness in your relationship.

Having doubts about your relationship might be a sign that it is time to let it go and move on. Figure out what you both want and make sure that you are talking everything through. Even though long-distance relationships are often hard to navigate, once you understand this kind of relationship more, you can make it work.

If you need to talk to someone to get help with this kind of relationship, talk to a couple couch and find out how you and your partner can make the relationship last.

Long-Distance Relationship FAQ’s

  • How long do long-distance relationships last? These can last for as long as you can make it happen and work. There is no real answer to this.
  • Can long-distance relationships work? Yes. These can work as long as you are talking about what you and your partner need.
  • Can a long-distance relationship continue? You can make it last a long time, but it can become unhealthy.
  • Do college relationships work? Most of the time they don’t work for very long. It can be hard to be away at college and not to meet people and not to cheat.
  • How long can a marriage that is long-distance last? It is easier to work through a long-distance marriage than a relationship because you are both committed.
  • How can you make your long-distance relationship last? You can have open communication and make sure that you are visiting each other regularly.
  • Can a teenager long-distance relationship last? Being a teenager can be hard and being in love as a teenager might not last. This happens because you haven’t had time to grow and find out who you are.
  • Can a long-distance relationship last without you seeing each other? Long distance relationships can last if you don’t see each other but you have to have a strong amount of trust and open communication.
  • How can you make a long-distance relationship last? A long-distance relationship will only last if you put the work into it. You need to talk to your partner and make sure that you can both keep up the work that this takes.
  • How can you keep a long-distance relationship working? You need to make sure that you have planned out what you want and that you are working towards a common goal. If your partner had to leave for a job, make sure that you are making a plan as to when you can get back together and live your life together without the distance.


  1. It’s crucial to recognize that each long-distance relationship is unique, and the outcome depends on the individuals involved. The article raises important questions that couples should consider to ensure their relationship can withstand the distance.

  2. The point about the necessity of physical closeness and how its absence can lead to cheating is thought-provoking. Balancing emotional connection and physical intimacy is indeed challenging in long-distance relationships.

  3. Long-distance relationships definitely require more effort and planning. The article rightly emphasizes the importance of communication in maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

    • I agree, Crumbles. Transparency and regular check-ins can help mitigate the insecurities that often arise in long-distance relationships.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and dynamics involved in long-distance relationships. It’s true that communication and trust are key components, and it’s important to assess personal happiness in such situations.

  5. The idea that long-distance relationships can alter who you are and how you interact with your partner is intriguing. It’s vital to be aware of these potential changes and to manage them proactively.


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