Let Your Love and Light Shine

Love and Light Shine

Everything in the world around you and inside of you is made up of its own vibration. Increasing your vibration can be the difference between living an okay life and living a great life. You will see that as you increase your vibration then your intuition and your other gifts will increase as well.

If you are someone that is limited in their life, chances are that you think about limitations and you believe that you are full of limits. If you are reaping abundance then chances are that you are thinking about how to get abundance and you are using positive thinking. Being positive to the universe will bring you positive things but being negative does just the opposite.

Some people wonder why they attract certain kinds of people in their lives and the truth is that if you are someone that keeps attracting the same kind of relationships, you are probably sending that out into the universe.

There are many people in the world that live negative lives and are negative and so attracting negative people or negativity in your life will be something normal for you. This might mean that you have married someone that is negative or that is toxic.

This happens because you are attracting this kind of negativity because your vibrations are low. You send out things into the universe that you are thinking and doing, even if you don’t realize it. If you believe that you only deserve a little bit then that is what you will get.

People that have vibrations that are high are people that are healthy and strong in their mind, body, and soul. You can become this person.

How do you get your vibration to increase? You can do this by interacting with the energies that have high vibrations. Listen to podcasts of people that are positive, watch television that is positive and be around people that are positive.

If you are watching movies that are violent or that are full of dark energy, chances are that you will lower your vibrations. Even being on your phone or other electronical devices a lot can lower your frequency.

Also, the choices that you make such as what you eat and drink or whatever you put in your body can raise your lower your vibrations. The way that you talk to people or the way that you interact can also change your vibrations. Having fear or stress can cause your vibrations to be lower.

Once you realize how important love is, you will see that love can raise your vibrations. Loving yourself, eating healthy fruits and vegetables, laughing and being around positive energy will raise your vibrations.

Doing these things can also open up your third eye chakra. This is where your spiritual energy is and it is where your kundalini energy is. Doing yoga, breathwork and visualizing light can also open up your third eye chakra.

Making sure that you meditate is one of the best ways that you can increase your vibrations. You need to have strong vibrations because life is hard. Don’t let fear take over your life because this will not help you at all. Fear and stress can bring damage to your mind, body and soul. Let your love and light shine and increase your vibrational frequency along the way.