Keeping Yourself, You, in Love

Keeping Yourself, You, in Love

Never go out with someone and then lose yourself. Never date someone and forget who you are. Never lose your value or your morals for someone else.

Love is very strong and sometimes love can overpower us. Love can be an addiction and you will never realize how much love has changed you until the love is gone.

Love is a good thing, and it is rare, but some people don’t understand how to make the best of love. They need to be careful not to lose who they are or not to lose their true self just to be with someone.

Remembering Your Goals

They need to learn to not forget their goals and not to let someone else make them who they aren’t. This has happened to many people and even though some people think this is normal, you never want to lose yourself in love. When you lose yourself in love, you will see that this kind of love is a poison to you. It is a kind of love that when it ends, you will be lost because you will not know who you are.

Love will teach you to care about others over yourself and it will teach you not to be selfish. It can also teach you to be someone that you aren’t.

Don’t Lose Yourself

Never lose who you are in love. Don’t lose yourself to someone else and don’t forget what you need and what you want in your life. Never give up on your morals or values and don’t lose your happiness because you are with someone.

What happens if you give someone all of that and then they leave you? You need to learn to be your real self even when you are with someone. You need to be someone that can make it on their own and you need to keep your heart and mind strong. Don’t get lost in who you are.

Choose Who You Want to Be

Don’t lose who you are when you meet someone that you love. Let them love you back and love you for who you are. What happens if you let someone choose who you are and then when they leave you, who are you then?

Be Whole, Be You

You need to be whole, and you need to be who you are. Be who your friends and your family love. Be that person that everyone knows. Be that person that you know.

You need to make sure that you aren’t giving so much of yourself away that you don’t know who you are if the relationship doesn’t work out. You need to be able to make sure that you are strong and that you are able to make it on your own.

Don’t Have Someone to Be Someone

Never get to the point where you have to have someone so that you can be someone. Be someone rather you are dating, or you are single.

Do not ever think that being single or being alone is a terrible place to be. Love yourself if you are single or love yourself if you are with someone. Choose happiness over everything else in your life.


  1. It’s interesting to consider how many people fall into the trap of losing themselves in relationships. Staying true to one’s values and goals is essential for a healthy relationship.

  2. The emphasis on not losing oneself in love is crucial. Relationships should be partnerships where both individuals are able to grow, not just one sacrificing their identity for the other.

  3. The advice to ‘be whole’ and love yourself whether single or in a relationship is pertinent. Self-love and personal integrity should never be compromised for the sake of another.

  4. This article makes a strong point about the importance of maintaining one’s identity in relationships. It’s a worthwhile reminder that love should enhance rather than diminish who we are.

  5. The idea that love can be a ‘poison’ if it leads to losing oneself is a powerful metaphor. It highlights the need for self-awareness and personal growth, even within the confines of a relationship.


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