How to Keep Your relationship healthy


Some couples believe falling in love is a passport to a relationship that will last a lifetime. Hollywood romances have made us believe that great relationships and lasting love happen effortlessly, yet the truth is that relationships actually take plenty of work. So how can you spice things up? Here’s a “to do” list that will get your relationship recharged and moving again.

    1. download (9)Laugh a lot

      Does everything really have to be so intense that the two of you can’t laugh anymore? When you’re stuck in traffic, or can’t find your way to a destination – don’t get disgusted with each other, make a joke of your navigational skills and have a good chuckle.

    2. Do the unexpected

      Predictability is the major cause of stagnation in relationships. If you get up and do the same routine day after day, react to things in the same way – you both become predictable. Where is the element of surprise? Think back to your childhood and remember how excited you would get when you received something totally unexpected.

    3. Don’t act your age

      Chronologically, age is just a number. Unleash your inner child every now and then and play. A good pillow fight combined with laughter can be great fun!

    4. Make a dateimages (26)

      Remember how exciting it was to find the perfect thing to wear, fix your hair, put on some make up and dab on a little perfume when you first started dating? Set aside one night a week to be your date night.

    5.  Be kind

      A small act of kindness can go a long way. If you are running errands, give your partner a call and ask, “Hey – I’m out and about, do you need anything?”

    6.  Be sexy

      Most relationships deteriorate and go progressively downhill when things become too predictable or routine in the bedroom. Light a few candles, sift through a lingerie catalogue and order something!

    7. images (25)Turn off the TV in your bedroom

      It’s really difficult to get romantic with Anderson Cooper interviewing border patrol agents. If you do have a TV in your bedroom, turn on the music station that will get you “in the mood.”

There are many ways to keep your relationship alive and well. Try these “relationship vitamin tips” to boost yours to another level. Most of all, have fun!You have a partner for a reason, so work to make sure your lover stays in your life.

Make it a great day with your sweetheart, and think about how you can get your relationship into a healthier, “unstuck” space.