How to Love Your Partner Even More

Love Your Partner

One thing that everyone wants to experience at some time, or another is being in love. This can be an amazing thing in your life that can consume you and make you feel like you are over the moon. Keeping love strong though can be hard and if you are someone that has a hard time expressing your love then the relationship can struggle.

When you are in love with someone, you should show them that you love them and then you can know if he feels the same towards you.

Men want to feel a connection to the person that they are with, and they want to feel loved. You can let them know that you love them by calling them when they go on a trip or by having meaningful conversations with them on Facetime if they live a long distance away from you. If you can keep love strong then someone that lives far away from you will not be a problem.

There are many other ways that you can show someone that you love them without saying the words. The saying that “actions speak louder than words” is very true and all you have to do is figure out how to make your partner happy and to show them you care about them.

This can mean something as simple as picking up their prescriptions or cooking their favorite meal. Or you can listen to them as they tell you about their day or even their dreams and goals. You can even let them win at the game of cards here and there.

No matter how you show your partner that you love him, through complementing him, giving him your time, or just showing him how much you care, you will prove your love and you will make your man feel loved.

Men crave love just as much as women do and you can help him to feel loved and comfortable with you by complimenting him, asking him for help or coming up with different ways to show him how special he is to you.

How to Show Him You Love Him

Here are some ways that you can show him that you love him:

Put Him First

If you are talking to your partner, even if the phone rings, ignore it and call them back. You are giving him your undivided attention.


Write your partner, family, or friends a letter and tell them how much you love them.

Share with Them

Share all of your goals and your dreams with him.  Never leave him out of your life.

Arguing Over Money

Learn to save money together and try not to argue about it.

Call or Text

You can take time to call or text him and tell him how much you are thinking about him.

Best Friend

Be your partners best friend. Tell them secrets and have fun together.

Serve Him

Let your partner sleep in and give him breakfast when he wakes up.

Have a Picnic

Take time to have a picnic and find ways to show him you love him by putting effort into the meal.


Love him even though you know he has flaws.


Give your partner a massage after he has had a hard day. Let him relax and get rid of his stress.

Do Not Criticize

Talk to your partner and if your feelings are strong, find ways to say them kindly. Do not criticize his family or his friends but try to love them.


Show him how thankful that you are for everything he does.

Appreciate Him

Love and appreciate him and acknowledge when something good happens for him.


Take time to sit around and talk with your partner. Tell him everything.

Look at the Stars

Go outside and lay down in the grass and look at the stars.

Hold Hands

Hold hands when you go out and show affection to each other.

Time and Space

Give your partner time and space to do their own thing and to have their own hobbies.

Give Them Time

Give your partner time to speak and to say their point when there is an argument.

Don’t Worry About the Small Things

Do not worry about the small things that happen, no one needs stress.


Take time to share memories with each other from your childhood.

Say Sorry

When you are wrong saying you are sorry.


Trust your partner in all things that they do.


Do not compare your partner with other people.


Be proud of your partner and help to boost his confidence. Tell him you are happy to be with him.

Make Plans Together

Make plans to go on vacations or to make big spending choices together.

His Day

Ask him about his day and listen to what he is feeling.


Help your partner to reach their dreams and goals. Always support them.


Flirt with your partner and show them you think they are sexy.


Take time each week to go out together on a date.


Do not ever go to bed angry. If you fight, say you are sorry before going to sleep.

Missing Him

When your partner goes somewhere, let him know that you miss him.

Find a Hobby

Find a hobby that you both love together so that you can bond.


When it is a special day, send him balloons or flowers to his office. Do things other people wouldn’t do for him.


Go on adventures. You can go on vacation, or you can go somewhere you have never been before.


Do your chores together and make it fun.


Find a class that you can take together.

Kisses and Hugs

Hug and kiss your partner when they wake up.


Go and watch sports together either at a school or at a professional game. Pick the sport that your partner likes the most.


When your partner tells you something, listen to them. Put your phone down and let them speak and make sure you are giving them eye contact.

Positive Reinforcement

Do not put your partner down but whatever he is doing good, give him praise for it.


Find a game to play together. It can be a board game or an outside game. Spend time together having fun.


Go for a walk together. Spend time in nature.


Find outfits that match and wear them out.

Hug and Kiss

Hug and kiss your partner for no reason at all. Tell them that you love them.

Strip Poker

Spice up the relationship by playing strip poker with each other.

Love Notes

Put love notes in your partners lunch box and show them you are thinking of them.


Find a romantic way to show your partner you love them. Spend an evening doing things you love to do together.


Brag on the things that your partner has done to others.

When You Fight Be Kind

Instead of getting mad when you fight, find something kind to say to each other.

Positive Concentration

Find things to concentrate on that your partner does that are positive.