How to Know He Doesn’t Miss You

He Doesn’t Miss You

If you want to have a strong relationship, then you have to find someone that sees you as important as you see them. If one person in the relationship has more responsibility than the other, it can cause the relationship to fail.

Neglect can increase the longer that a person is in a relationship and if you want to stay in that kind of relationship because you are afraid you will miss him, then how will you ever be important enough? What happens when you leave this kind of relationship so that he can figure out how important you are, will he even miss you?

Signs He Doesn’t Miss You

Once you give a guy a message and he doesn’t give you a message back, you can figure out if he finds you important or not. The best way to do this is to not contact him and see if he contacts you. If you are the one always texting and he isn’t being responsive or is even ignoring you, chances are he isn’t in to you.

A guy that you text that doesn’t text you back will mean that he isn’t missing you at all.

Meeting Up

When a guy likes you, he will want to see you. When you ask him to meet you, he will. A guy that doesn’t miss you or want to see you will always make an excuse as to why he cannot get up with you. He might tell you that he is busy, and he may never want to meet up with you.


When a guy is always in a bad mood when you are around him then he probably doesn’t want you around. If he finds you to be annoying or he doesn’t want to be around you but he is happy around everyone else, this is a big sign.

He Doesn’t Care What You Do

A guy doesn’t miss you or even like you if he doesn’t care what you do. If you are spending all of your time with other men and he never comments or gets upset, chances are he doesn’t love you and he doesn’t even want to be in a relationship with you.


When you begin in your relationship, chances are that he would want to take you out and dine you. Now, he doesn’t ever want to go out and he never asks to take you on dates. This can mean he isn’t interested in you. If you are still having sex with him, this can mean he only wants you around for his sexual needs.

He Doesn’t Care What You Say

A guy that likes you will want to listen to you and hear the things that are important to you. When you see that he isn’t listening to you and that he doesn’t even want to hear you talk, it can mean that he doesn’t like you.

Ask him if he wants to talk to you or if he isn’t interested in spending time with you. This can tell you a lot.

He Won’t Put You first

Even though he used to go out of his way to be around you or to help you, if this has changed, he might not be into you anymore. He might find other things in his life that are more important and he might not want to meet you or even talk to you.

When you tell someone that you love them or you are spending time with someone, it makes you feel important. If a guy isn’t giving you this time then you need to know he isn’t interested in you. A man that really loves you will always find a reason to come over and to spend time with you. If he doesn’t miss you, he doesn’t value you.

You Put in All of the Work

A relationship is hard and if you are the only one putting in the work to make the relationship good, he isn’t interested in you. If you believe that he doesn’t care about you because he isn’t showing any response towards you, you are probably right.

Once you stop trying to make the relationship good, see if he shows change. You will see that if he changes and shows interest in you then he might realize he is losing you and miss you. If he isn’t doing that though, it is a big sign he isn’t interested in you.

If your guy is no longer interested in you, let him go. Maybe he doesn’t want to be with you, and you are better off if he isn’t.

Other Reasons You Know He Doesn’t Miss You

Here are some other ways you can tell he doesn’t miss you:

  • Keeps in touch with his ex: He isn’t making an effort to move on without them and he is spending too much time talking to them and being around them. He is putting more effort in them than into you.
  • He never lets you meet his friends or family: This is a sign that he doesn’t want to make the relationship real.
  • When you meet all of his exes, it can mean that he is more interested in them and not into you. He might not be ready to move on.
  • When you go out, he doesn’t take you around people he works with or his family or friends.
  • He only calls you when he is drunk and when he wants to take you to bed.
  • He treats you differently than he does his friends. He acts nicer around other people.
  • When you have sex, you are the one that is always initiating it.
  • He tells you that you are boring and that you aren’t any fun.
  • He would rather be with his friends than to hang out with you.

What to Do Next

When a guy shows that he misses you, chances are that he might really care about you. If you feel that things are not working out and things are hopeless, it probably is and it is probably time to move on. A guy that is interested will fight for you and will do what he can to make the relationship work, especially when he sees that it is falling apart.

A guy that doesn’t want to be around you, doesn’t text you or call you probably has no interest in being with you. He doesn’t care about what is going on in your life and he would put other people first. He won’t try to get your attention and he won’t have the desire to spend time with you.

Final Thoughts

A guy will let you know that he is done with you because he won’t put any effort into the relationship. This will cause the relationship to come to an end. He will want to have his space and he will not be about you.

If you want to know if this guy loves you back, look at the signs above. If you see these signs, then chances are that he wants the relationship to be over and he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Pay attention to how much time has passed since you have really talked to him and you will know if he is interested in you or if he is more interested in other people around him.


  1. While the article offers practical advice, it’s crucial to remember that each relationship is unique. Communication is key to understanding underlying issues.

  2. The emphasis on mutual effort in relationships is well-placed. Both parties must invest time and energy to sustain a healthy relationship.

  3. The observations made in the article are valid, although some behaviors might be misinterpreted depending on context. An open dialogue with the partner is always advisable.

  4. The article provides clear indicators of a lack of interest from a partner. It’s important to recognize these signs early to avoid prolonged emotional distress.

  5. The article highlights key signs of disinterest effectively. However, it could also explore strategies to address and possibly remedy the situation.

    • Indeed, understanding the reasons behind a partner’s actions is essential. Sometimes, external pressures may influence their behavior.


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