Finding The Right Boyfriend


    You feel that it’s the right time to have a boyfriend. So, what now? Well, there is some advice that can certainly get you started on the right path. However, it will be up to you to carry yourself the rest of the way. There is a psychic/ intuitive element to finding love, but you have to pay attention to the subtle signs, which let you know when a potential soul mate is in your presence. Your biggest foe will be your own determination, as sometimes you may want a boyfriend so bad, you manufacturer a feeling to fill an empty place in your heart. However, by attempting to cheat love, you will only create a broken heart.

You have to be open to exploring beyond your safe zones. While destiny is a part of this, you can speed things up by giving love plenty of opportunities to find you. In a sense, finding a boyfriend is like advertising. The more guys you get your product (you) in front of, the more interest you will receive. Considering the research, a good boyfriend can be found just about anywhere.

There is no magical Wal-Mart for boyfriends—you simply have to get out there and look for the Blue Light Specials. However, what we have not discussed is the magnetism that drives guys towards certain girls. In other words, some women have a much easier time getting a boyfriend than others, and these are the reasons why:

1. Many men are happy being your friend, until the moment they realize how easy it would be to lose you.

Don’t expend a lot of energy on a guy who isn’t expending a lot of energy too. Never stop looking for love until you’ve found that special commitment, and don’t be afraid to make a guy jealous by making yourself scarce when he appears to be taking you for granted. A guy is most comfortable as a “single” bachelor… unless you give him reason to give that up.

2. Arm candy to a man is something that has been baked with a lot of attention and care.

Attracting a boyfriend has a lot to do with your appearance—there is no denying that. While you may be thinking this is in reference to your genetics, I am actually talking about presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel proud to be you. If a woman feels attractive and sexy, over 50 percent of guys will agree (and that’s some pretty good odds).

3. Open your eyes, speak from the heart and never be afraid to be smarter than a guy.

There are some women who almost seem embarrassed by their intelligence. Guys do like to be the alpha, but even more so, they prefer to be challenged by a woman who makes him strive to become a better man. A woman who takes herself seriously will attract the kind of men who would take their relationships seriously.

4. Admire with curiosity the things that move his spirit.

You won’t be interested in everything a guy finds interesting. He wouldn’t want you to be. However, all men like to be seen as interesting and feel supported in their efforts, which means taking interest in the things that drive him. This can get a little tricky when your guys is doing things that seem immature or a waste of good brain cells, so you may have to pick and choose from his favorite hobbies. If you can’t respect where he chooses to spend his time, then he may not be the right boyfriend for you after all.

5. Make him work for the privilege of being with you.

This is a reminder to never let a guy disrespect you or push you into being something you’re not, no matter how much you want him to like you. The kind of girlfriends that guys treat poorly are not only unhappy, but thee relationship are very short-lived.

6. Let a boyfriend fit into your life.

Many of the greatest relationships in life have happened when a woman was ready, but unsuspecting. In other words, live your life. Enjoy your hobbies, friends and family, and when a guy comes along that seems to fit without too much effort, it may be time to get out your boyfriend checklist, and see if he fits the bill.

7. Don’t worry about being his “type.” 

Women are sometimes afraid to be themselves because they’re afraid to be different from the girls he normally goes out with. Don’t be afraid to be different. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even if you are  not like any other woman he’s ever known. There is a reason these other women are his exes… Your best success will come when a guy thinks you are great just the way you are.