Are They Thinking About You? Find Out!

Are They Thinking About You

Have you ever been sitting around, and someone just pops in your head? There are different signs both physical and spiritual that you might experience when someone is thinking about you. Here are some of the signs:


Dreams are a way that we can know things. When you dream about someone, chances are that they might be thinking about you. Sometimes the dreams will leave such an impact on you that you won’t be able to get them off of your mind even after you wake up.

A person can send you energy when they are thinking about you and this energy can come to you in the form of dreams.


Another physical and spiritual sign that someone is thinking about you is when you start to hiccup for no reason. This is a reflex that you have in your body that causes you to take a short and deep breath. This is something that can happen because of an emotional or some kind of bodily stimuli.

If someone is thinking about you, they might be thinking about something that happened with the both of you in the past and this can send energy to your body that makes you hiccup. There are other reasons this can happen too such as:

  • Drinking something too quickly.
  • Eating something too quickly.
  • Swallowing a lot of air.
  • Drinking carbonated sodas.

If none of this is happening when you hiccup, then it is probably that someone has thought of you deeply.


A psychic can let you know if someone is thinking about you. This can be someone that you trust talking to and they will be able to give you answers as to what their thoughts are and maybe even who it is.

You Think of Them

Out of nowhere, a thought comes about someone from your past. This can happen because they are thinking about you at that exact moment. This can be someone that you have been in a relationship with in the past, a past friendship, a family member or just someone that you met.

You might also see that you are both stressed at the time, or you both have lost someone that you love. The thoughts that they have about you are coming to you and making you think of them. This is because the energy of the universe goes into your body and soul and allows you to know that it might be time to reach out to that person.

Feeling Happy

Feeling happy or smiling out of nowhere is a great thing. When you have this happen though, sometimes it is because someone is thinking about you. Pay attention to your body and if you feel joy or smile out of nowhere, you are on someone’s mind.

Eye Twitches

When one of your eyes start twitching, it is natural to believe that you might have something going on with your eye, but the truth is probably that someone is thinking about you.

The energy that they are sending you is coming in the form of your eye twitching, and you might not even realize this until you think about it. You are picking up this energy subconsciously.

This is a sign that you have someone thinking of you and you are picking up the energy from their thoughts.

You Desire To See Them

Do you ever start thinking about someone and then you just want to see them? You might decide that you need to text or call that person because you feel such a sudden feeling to talk to them. This is common when you miss someone, or you can’t stop thinking about them.

But, when someone is thinking of you, this can be the same thought that comes to your mind. These feelings can be deep in your heart and if you think this person might be thinking of you, get a hold of them.

Mood Change

Maybe you are super excited about your life and then out of nowhere you just start to feel sad. You don’t have any real way to explain it, it just is. This can be a psychic sign that someone is thinking about you.

This person might be thinking about something sad that happened to you or about something happy that you went through together.  This is why the mood can change drastically to what they are feeling and thinking about you at that time.

The energy can change your mood and it can make your emotions change.  The thoughts that come to you can cause a drastic mood change but know this is someone thinking of you at the time.


One of the biggest signs that someone is thinking about you is that you can feel their energy around you. They might come to your mind, or you might feel their positive vibes filling you. This can be a physical thing such as a tingling or a warm feeling.

You can feel comfort, or you can feel sadness or joy. The energy can come to you from that person who is thinking of you. One you tune into that feeling, you can use your intuition to help you figure out what is going on in the situation and who is thinking of you.

Hear Them Talking

Sometimes people that are really tuned into the spirit world are able to hear the voices of people even when they are far away. If you are out in a crowd and you hear someone that you think that you know, chances are that you are hearing the person that is thinking of you.

This can also be something you hear like a song that you shared with them or something that makes you think of them. This can seem scary at first, but it happens when you are tuned into the energies around you, and someone is thinking of you.

You Feel Them Around You

Another thing that can happen when you are in tune with things is feeling someone. You can feel their presence around you and then you will feel that they are right there with you. This isn’t something that should scare you because they aren’t there to harm you, they are just sending their energy to be with you.

If you feel that there is a weird energy around you or you feel that someone is there, notice the feelings and think about what it would be like if someone that you cared about was with you. This can be someone that has been thinking deeply of you and about you that day.

White Feathers

White feathers are often there when someone has you on their mind. They show up as a physical thing to let you know that someone is thinking about you and cares about you. This can be a physical feather or even a picture of a feather.


Goosebumps can also come when someone is thinking about you. This can be a sign that they want to talk to you or that they want to see you. No matter what sign they are sending, you are definitely on their mind.

When they think of you and send their energy to you, the goosebumps will show up as a sign that this is happening.

You Feel Like You Need to Go to a Certain Place

You might know that there is energy of someone when you get a strong desire to go somewhere.  It can be like your intuition kicks in and tells you to go to a certain place so that you can be with this person. This can be an accidental meeting that happens if you listen to what your intuition is telling you.

When you have an emotional connection with someone, they can send out their energies to you and your intuition will guide you on what to do.

Seeing Butterflies

Butterflies are meant to send messages to people. If you have a butterfly land on you, the spirit guides might be sending you a message. They can do this so that they can connect with you. Butterflies that are around you might come around you when someone that you love has died to show you that they love you.

Butterflies can show you that someone is thinking of you, too, and if they land on your body and then fly off, this is a sure sign.

You Feel Shy

Have you ever out of nowhere felt shy or your cheeks became flushed? This might happen if you have been moving a lot but if you are just sitting there and it happens then chances are that someone is thinking of you.

When you blush, the energy from those thoughts can fill you and you will see that you are blushing because of the feelings that they are sending.

Problems Swallowing Food or Drink

Have you ever started eating and then you have a problem swallowing your food or drink? You feel that your throat is about to close for no reason? This can happen because of the energy of thoughts that someone is having about you.

The person might be sending out thoughts to you and this can make it hard to swallow. Most of the time this happens when someone is worried about you, and it sends tension to you.


Sneezing can be a sign that someone is thinking about you, but it can also be a sign of these things:

  • A cold.
  • The sun.
  • Allergies.
  • Dust or allergens.

If you don’t have any of these things happening around you and you suddenly start sneezing, it can be a strong sign that someone is thinking about you.


Synchronicities happen when you have things happen out of nowhere. This is the universes way of sending you signs and showing you that you are loved and cared about. When someone really thinks of you and wants to see you, the universe will use these energies to let you hear a song that reminds you of them or to have someone text you right at that exact time.

Strong Energy

One big sign that someone is thinking about you is that you pick up strong energy and you feel fully energized. This can happen when they think good thoughts of you and it makes your energy boost.

They Contact You

A person is thinking about you when they contact you for no reason, especially when you haven’t talked to them for a while.

You See Their Name

When someone is thinking about you, you might see their name written on things, on billboards, on jewelry or other things. This can even be seen on television and other things around you.

You Have a Deep Connection

When you meet someone and you have a deep connection with them, they probably think about you a lot. This means they think of you when you are together and when you aren’t.

Final Thoughts

These are some signs that someone might be thinking about you. Are you thinking of them too? If you aren’t sure where you stand with this person or if they want to even talk to you, reach out to someone that can help you like a psychic or an advisor that can give you advice on what to do next.

See what situations above fit your life and if you see that there are a lot of signs that you have seen lately, talking to someone might help you get to the bottom of everything.


  1. The concept of feeling someone’s presence or hearing their voice when they are thinking of you aligns with many cultural beliefs. It’s fascinating to think about how interconnected we might be beyond just physical interactions.

  2. I appreciate the discussion on dreams as a medium of connection. Considering how vivid some dreams can be, it makes sense that they might be influenced by external, unseen forces like someone thinking about you.

  3. The idea that someone thinking about you could manifest in physical ways, such as eye twitches or goosebumps, is quite intriguing. It underscores the potential strength of human connections and shared energies.

  4. Interesting read. The explanation of how positive and negative energies can influence our emotions and physical state gives a new perspective on daily experiences and unexplained emotional shifts.

  5. The inclusion of psychics and their potential role in discerning thoughts directed towards you adds an intriguing layer to the discussion. It brings to light the mix of spirituality and extrasensory perception.


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