8 Ways to Manifest the Romance of Your Dreams

8 Ways to Manifest the Romance of Your Dreams

Chances are when you heard the word “manifestation,” you conjure the Law of Attraction.  By focusing on your desire with positivity and success, you facilitate it entering your law.  This could come in the form of your ideal job, next home, or meeting the love of your life.  Spiritual advisors agree that manifestation is very powerful, yet simple, force.

Especially when it comes to love, even non-believers, should try manifestation at least once.  Simply picturing your love goals and truly trusting in their attainment can provide the Universe “permission” to send it to you.  Essentially, manifestation is centered on having an open mind and heart.  To help you begin your manifestation practice, we have compiled eight helpful tips.

  1. Have awareness of opportunities

A relationship with the universe is a two-way street, and requires you to perform your part.  You will only be as successful with manifestations as how receptive you are to receiving the Universe’s blessings.  Be aware that receiving your desires will not always happen overnight.  It will take time and require you to be aware of subtle signs this love is able to enter your life.  Consider the opportunity of being invited to a party.  If you turn down this invitation than you might not meet that witty person you would have met while trying to find the bathroom.  Sure, you most likely will meet them later on, but you will have wasted precious time to create joyful memories together.  Be careful to not say “no” too often.  Keep your eyes open and your intuition tuned into potential signs and symbolism.

  1. Keep negativity at bay

Maintaining a positive mindset is an excellent way to help manifest opportunities.  As you cultivate more positive experiences and interactions you will be able to see your life through a more rose-colored lens.  When you think negatively, you leave yourself open for more rejection and disappointment.  People gravitate to happy, light-spirited individuals.  Although not every day will be sunny, the more practice you make in limiting negativity thinking the more positive your thinking will become.

  1. Spend time understanding yourself

Allocate 10-20 minutes daily to check in with your spirit.  When you begin to fully know yourself, your dreams, concerns and desires, you will be able to more clearly visualize your ideal mate.  Achieve this inner knowledge by journaling, meditating, or asking yourself probing questions.  When you grow in knowledge and acceptance of yourself, it improves the success of attracting blessings like positivity, hope, and long-lasting romance into your life.

  1. Identify your ideal partner

Use some of your quiet, alone time to become clearer on what is an is not important for you in a romantic partner.  Think of your list as if you were ordering of the Cosmic Love menu.  This way you ensure that you leave the table full and satisfied, otherwise you will risk being unhappy with the “dish” you receive.  Consider what your ideal partner and relationship really entails.  Try not to think of a specific individual due to a host of complicating factors.  Instead, focus on key traits or aspects you desire so you can open yourself up for maximum opportunities.

  1. Dress for success

Choose to clothe yourself in colors that inspire confidence, love, joy, and health.  You might also select something with a significant symbol to you.  When you dress in a many that is self-empowering, you convey to yourself and the universe that you are ready, and receptive to meeting your mate.  Then it becomes a practice in awareness and patience.  Your love will arrive when the time is right.

  1. Cultivate positivity

Take charge in your life and send out positivity vibrations.  This tells the Universe you are ready for love.  When you remain in a state of stagnation or wanting, you transmit energies of neediness and lethargy.  It actually will push you further away from your desires.  Trust in the universe and work to be its earthly partner.  Ensure your days feel fulfilling and joyful.

  1. Be grateful

Gratitude facilitate more positive vibrations throughout your life.  People are more attracted to happy people and desire a greater closeness with them.  Gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions possible.  By maintaining a gratitude journal, you can expediate your ideal mate finding you.

  1. Rejection is only a construct

Rejection is a way the universe will protect you from aspects in your life that do not suit your needs.  Instead of being sad, see rejection as a gateway to be closer to your dreams.  When you no longer fear rejections, you’re more apt to bravely go after your goals.  Be kind to yourself as it can be difficult to maintain consistent positivity and overcome a series of obstacles.  Trust that the universe is working to achieve your best interests.  If you sincerely believe you can manifest your ideal relationship, you will in time achieve loving success.