5 Things Your 8th Chakra Does for You

5 Things Your 8th Chakra Does for You

Most people who have explored spirituality understand there are seven chakras in the body with each controlling certain energy flow. However, those aren’t the only chakras in and around your body. There are at least 12 more beyond the most recognized seven and each plays a crucial role in your development.

The 8th chakra is an interesting one because of its location and all it does. This is known as the first spiritual chakra. It is called a spiritual chakra because it isn’t in your body at all! Its location is actually over your head!

Religious artworks showcase this chakra beautifully as they depict people with a golden circle of light around or over their heads. This chakra is about two feet above your head and acts as a beacon of light.

Here are 5 ways the 8th chakra works in your life:

It’s a Door

This chakra acts as a door between your physical body and personality and your soul. It helps you connect to your higher self. Opening it is like lifting a dark veil that hides the spiritual plane. With this chakra, numerous power is available to you through your higher self because it is the higher self that helps you find your calling, reminds you of your spiritual worth, and gives you access to the Akashic records.

It Helps You Find Your Purpose

Your soul has a purpose while on earth but it may not be clear to you on an earthly plane. This chakra keeps a record of that purpose and can reveal it to you. However, you must activate the 8th chakra to see that purpose. Once you open it, you may feel an incredible need for change and a focus shift as you have up until that point ignored your life’s calling. You will get nudges to do the work you were created to do.

It Helps You Find Your Spiritual Gifts

The 8th chakra expands your awareness and helps you develop new skills and talents. Even the gifts you know you currently possess, such as intuition, will increase in power. Other gifts will likely reveal themselves as you open this chakra. You can help develop these gifts by taking some spiritual workshops or healing courses. You can also work with a spiritual teacher that can help you develop and manage your gifts.

It Helps You Clear Your Baggage

Everyone has some karmic residue in their lives. It is leftover baggage that builds after refusing to let go of the same patterns over a lifetime. These routines bind you to earth and keep you from reaching spiritual planes. Once it is cleared, you can move on and connect with your higher self. The 8th chakra, once you activate it, can help rid yourself of those patterns and connect with better spiritual elements

You Can Find Divine Love

Once you realize you are an eternal person who resides in a temporal body, you can experience a divine love that you have never felt before. You also began to develop the ability to activate spiritual compassion for others. This becomes more pronounced as your 8th chakra opens and expands. You began to feel more united with the universe.

The journey into higher spirituality begins with a decision you can make to tap into this 8th chakra and activate it. It will make a drastic difference in your life.