11 Traits of a Controlling Partner

Controlling Partner

You may not realize it at first, but your partner may be trying to control you. This can cause you to feel self-conscious, depressed, and hopeless about your own personal growth. Obviously, then, this is something that is worth looking out for.

Here are 11 signs your partner may be attempting to control you:

  • They Do Most of the Talking

Can’t get a word in edgeways? This doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner is opinionated or energetic, but they’re trying to make themselves heard, not you. In a positive relationship, your partner will make every effort for you to realize your thoughts are being heard, too.

  • They Say Horrible Things in “Jest”

Your relationship may be tolerant of dark humor and rough jokes, but it’s always worth assessing how your partner’s jokes can make you feel. If the answer is ‘negatively,’ then they are simply bullying you in a covert manner.

  • They Blackmail You with Private Information

Of course, you trust your partner with anything; they probably know more about you than anyone else. But your partner may also use this information to blackmail you; if they do this, they are trying to control you.

  • They’re Competitive

Your relationship is not supposed to be built upon competition. If it is—and if it isn’t coming from you—then this is an unhealthy situation to be in. Your partner may be dissuading you from taking growth opportunities, or they may guilt trip you about new things that you’ve tried.

  • Arguments Continue Until You Apologize

Controlling partners absolutely must win arguments. They demand that you submit to them, and they do this by continuing past the necessary point until you finally submit to them. This is terrible behavior, and nothing productive can be gained from it.

  • They Will Not Love You Unconditionally

A good relationship is built on unconditional love, but for controlling partners, their love comes with its own terms and conditions. This may involve altering your appearance, your behavior, or your career; funnily enough, they will refuse to make any lifestyle changes themselves.

  • They Will Guilt Trip You on the Daily

Aggressive partners will threaten you to prevent you from leaving them. Controlling partners, on the other hand, will simply make you feel guilty; this could include complaints that they will be financially crippled or emotionally damaged if you leave them.

  • They Will Get You in Their Pocket

People are expected to support their partners when their situation is not quite as advantageous. However, some partners will keep doing this until you are indebted to them. They will then make you believe that you owe them favors, which is just another way of controlling your life to benefit theirs.

  • They Will Shrink Your Social Circles

It is natural to want to spend a great deal of time with your partner. It’s fun, too, until you realize that you are spending less and less time with your friends as a result. With this controlling behavior, it might also be the case that career opportunities are also becoming scarce due to the amount of time you are spending with your partner. But, of course, this is how they like it.

  • You Are Drafted into Their World

Relationships are supposed to see lives joined together in mutual harmony. However, in a controlling relationship, you become part of your partner’s world. This means that you spend the majority of your time with your friends and family, not your own. You can quickly lose your identity this way.

  • Changes Never Come

Sometimes, when you muster up the courage to confront your partner about their controlling behavior, they promise to change their ways to help your relationship grow. Yet this never happens; they will cool off for a while, but they will return to their controlling ways soon enough without you noticing.

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  1. The article sheds light on subtle yet harmful behaviors that can exist in relationships. Recognizing these signs is crucial for maintaining a healthy and supportive partnership. The suggestion to consult a love psychic seems out of place, though.

  2. While the signs listed in the article are undoubtedly concerning, it is important to approach the situation with a balanced perspective. Communication and counseling could also be viable steps before concluding that the relationship is entirely controlling.

  3. It is important to be vigilant about the signs of a controlling partner as outlined in the article. These behaviors can erode one’s self-esteem and hinder personal development. The idea of seeking guidance from a love psychic is intriguing but might not be suitable for everyone.

  4. I found the points raised in the article to be quite thought-provoking. Identifying these signs early can help in addressing the issues before they escalate. However, I am skeptical about the recommendation of consulting a love psychic.

    • I agree, Bobbie. While the signs are valid and worth noting, relying on a love psychic might not be the most practical or scientific approach. Professional counseling could be more effective.

  5. The article provides a comprehensive list of signs that might indicate a controlling partner. It is essential to be aware of these behaviors as they can significantly impact one’s mental health and personal growth. However, the mention of seeking help from a love psychic seems a bit unconventional.


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