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  1. Thank you for the lovely piece of advice. It’s always comforting..

  2. it’s always a pleasure to speak with dora. she is practical and shots from the hip with her answers.

  3. Great insight will contact again

  4. Thanks for always being there for me it’s crazy your accuracy I thank you really for understanding my anxiety and never getting annoyed when I come to you love you xoxo ki

  5. Aldwyn, thank you so much for reading for me again today!!! It was great to chat. Sorry I couldn’t add funds. I will call you soon, I’m sure! (After next payday!) Big hugs xoxo

  6. Thanks again for the excellent reading and insight !

  7. PsychicQueen is a great psychic. She is practical and spiritual with great insights.

  8. Portia is a great intuitive member of the PsychicOz family. She really has your best interest at heart.

  9. Suprinam, thank you for a great advice. You change my life.

  10. Portia thank you to all getting better. Oh yes…..

  11. Thulla thank you for your advice, support and generosity!

  12. “MysticSage is helping me navigate a slowly-developing, somewhat-
    convoluted relationship with a sweet-heart who does not readily
    share some of her feelings. MysticSage’s insights into what’s happening
    under the surface is helping me hang in while things unfold.

  13. Intuitive and knowledgeable. Nelly is fantastic1

  14. “Amazingly good!
    Will call again

  15. Tula has got powerful gifts. She is also very wise, compassionate and such a kindred soul. I would love to talk more. Highly recommended.

  16. Gloria Anderson

    She’s is the best, she will never know how much she has helped me I will be forever grateful to her. Divine was 100% accurate

  17. Consistent with what she see’s, hoping predictions come to pass. thanks for being patient with me Kim.

  18. I love talking with Kikiana. I trust her. Been talking to her for over a year and get updates about once a month. She is so accurate, kind, tells me things in a way I can relate to. I have talked to lots of psychics and will wake up super early to catch her online. The best of the best. Sorry I was unable to say good bye, funds ran out. xoxo

  19. AllseeMarla – to validate your reading, they will squeeze something to blow up a balloon that will open the stent. 😉 You were right. And it’s crazy that you hit the ‘mother’ thing right after he & I had that conversation – less than an hour ago. To anyone else reading this – Marla is the THE BEST. She gets it right every time. And she’s super nice!!

  20. AllseeMarla’s amazing! She can put me at ease and she really can connect to my soul because she knows when I’m distressed even before I can tell her. She always gives me positive advice and leaves me feeling much better about my situation. Thank you! I appreciate you so much!

  21. Wow! I honestly have to say I had an amazing connection with Catalina. After reading with many advisors this has been one if the only reading that an advisor has actually said what I beleive reflects the person in question. Tried to add funds during chat but it cut me off. Catalina, I had a lot more that I wanted to find out about P. If u can send me Anything on a message that would be greatly appreciated. I hope I can connect back soon.

  22. Great read with Queen; so glad I contacted her because my first read was with another advisor that left me completely shattered. Queen gave me peace about the situation and I am now motivated and energized to do better and be better….I will work as hard as I can…she also offered me some peace regarding a sweet soul that I lost too soon….THANK YOU and I will definitely contact her again!!! Much love!

  23. Thank you so much. as always, love your positive energy and very insightful advice. you’ve been reading for me for two years now. i’m grateful for you. Isabella77 have such a beautiful and fun soul.

  24. Excellent reading. Much more in tune with my situation. Good experience with TrueWisdom.

  25. Tiffany – Thank you so much for always having my back and for being so patient with me. I absolutely love her!

  26. Been talking with Serenity for almost a year. She is my number one choice because she is so accurate. I usually talk to her about once a month and will wake up early to catch her on chat because I trust her feelings about things.

  27. I will say it again, she is one of the very best. I wish we could talk all the time. Time with Catalina is precious. Such a great woman with incredible insights. Love her.

  28. I have chatted with Veronica a couple of times and appreciate that she is a quick typer, to the point, no nonsense, yet uplifting and encouraging. I would recommend her.

  29. Wonderful! She was really connected to my situation and really helped to clear things up for me. Thank you so much Nicola!

  30. Awesome as usual. She can really bring it home with what she says and is accurate in what she sees. Reading from 08/21.

  31. MissJ is excellent. I’ve read with many psychics and she is in my top 3 for sure. She is extremely thoughtful, precise, and compassionate.

  32. Serenity is simply superb and too too good. Serenity picked up and warned me of a family issue that i was not even focusing on. I don’t know what i would do without her. I trust her completely and she is my angel :).

  33. I love you mommy Dorothy from the very bottom of my very heart.soul and I thank you so very much with words cannot express how blessed I am to have mother Kim in my life! You are my hero, guardian angel, spiritual sensai, guiding light, best friend, and mother Dorothy! Thank you mother Kim and spirits! YES!! The hardest thing of coming clean to J and telling him the truth FINALLY HAPPENED! With your prayers, help, strength and support, I finally did it and was able to tell him the truth about my past and just as you said, he will continue to walk and love you the way you are in spirit and truth, and yes he accepted me with divinely open arms!

  34. Thank you LadyLight for putting my mind to rest – You’re such an angel, blessings to you xo

  35. My son was laughing Serenity…gotta love it, he is like she spooks me you read him so well. Love you

  36. I want to give Anna 5 stars and hopefully one day I will. Anna picked up on my current relationship situation immediately and I did not say one signal word (well it was chat so that would be impossible anyway lol). My point is, Anna immediately started writing to me and was on point with everything she said about my current situation and my ex-girlfriend. Anna was extremely promising, literally, that it is not over and we will reconnect and rebuild. I really hope to be returning to talk to Anna , informing her she was correct and moving from rating from 4 to 5 stars! Until then…

  37. I just had my very first chat reading. Gifted George is very good, very hopeful, and insightful. I am just not sure if I would do a chat reading again. I think I prefer to hear a person’s voice and have a connection with whom I am reading with. I would like to do a phone reading with him in the near future.

  38. Hello sweetness. Thank you for your energy on my question. I’m turning your words over and trying to better understand how to facilitate his healing… regardless of what he chooses- I hope he frees himself from the repressed or suppressed pain that holds him back.

  39. Great!! Hope that ship comes in soon and doesn’t get tossed in a hurricane. Will update you GiftedGeorge! Thank you!!

  40. Kind and gentle. Did not judge my situation and gave me tools to work with. Will follow up with Sarah.

  41. He gave an answer to my long time confusion and I feel I should follow his advice. I was surprised with how he exactly could tell my current situation.Thank you very much Dom.

  42. My first psychic experience with Serenity. I was extremely upset and anxious. She calmed me and said something which eased my soul. Though it was my first psychic experience so I was grateful to her so saying something in my favour which helped me to calm down but internally I wasn’t very sure about. After about 20 days her prediction turned into reality. She is very humble to talk with,a kind soul. I am honored to have her as my first psychic. I hope whatever she has predicted for me in couple of years will come true..thank you Serenity. GOD BLESS YOU

  43. GiftedGeorge has a very kind soul. He was spot on & really helped my with insight on my spiritual journey! Definitely will chat again!!

  44. So insanely accurate! Was talking to her yesterday about my frustrations with the lack of communication from my son’s father and how he was supposed to take him next week. Aurora was dead on. Said it wouldn’t be next week but soon after that and that he’d be in communication soon, that he’s currently going through some stuff. Wouldn’t you know it, later on that night he texts me asking how our son is and telling me some crazy stuff that’s been happening in his life. And then like Aurora said, told me he couldn’t take our son next week but the week after he could. Her predictions have always been correct, and this latest interaction has proven it 100% for me.

  45. Felt a good connection with her, and Serenity read my situation accurately and fast. Kind and loving. Highly recommend

  46. I came back for follow up and remembered all prior feels which blew me away! Never disappointed with Miriam’s reading style and calm presence.

  47. Amazing !!!! Lucas prediction happened within a week of his given date! Ill take that!! Thank you! You Rock!

  48. Brittany Alana Woods

    Awesome and very gifted. Sparkling personality. Kind and compassionate. Maureen is very accurate.

  49. Poncie is such a sweet, sweet person. It was great speaking with Poncie!

  50. I strongly recommend Ms Solutions! Pure excellence 🙂

  51. Thank you again MamaSita! The reading made sense and was fairly consistent with other readings ive had in the past.

  52. Candice Marie Osborne

    Highly recommend! Robin was awesome!!! Thanks soooo much for the advice!!!!

  53. Norie was kind and on point regarding my career.

  54. Jordan Collier

    Julia is great. Chat is good for a quick question but I prefer to speak with an advisor on the phone. She is awesome and will continue to speak with her!!

  55. Good reader, spot on. I look forward to the first prediction of contact, which happens soon. I’ll return again. I liked Subrina’s direct way of relaying info. Give her a try!

  56. Bettina Parker

    This was my second reading with Robin and she was great again. She’ll always be my psychic.

  57. Cherrine Short

    I was skeptical about looking into psychic readers but after talking with Jenny, I’m very pleased!

  58. Jenny’s always on point, her time frames has yet to be wrong! I enjoy speaking with her and keep her posted on my situation.

  59. Once again I want say how much Fiona helps me. She is the best. I love her! Fiona is the best.

  60. Solutions was spot on with her prediction! it came true, poi contacted me within the 2 week time frame I was given!! I will definitely contact Solutions again.

  61. Always there to help. Straight forward and welcoming to talk to. Robin is a great psychic, and always will be my go to person for all the important issues in my life.

  62. Harmoni Mckenna

    Lisi is wonderful and sweet and was very accurate of my present situation and feelings involved. Very Glad to call her about this. I like her a lot.

  63. Annalee Clarkson

    Thank you Robin for your greatness and I’m waiting patiently in your line so we can finish our conversation.

  64. Sally Armstrong

    Thanks Hunter, I will update once predictions passes. One thing about Hunter that stands out is she speaks very professionally and takes each client serious.

  65. Phenomenal! Emma really took the reading to a deep level, which triggered my own intuition to kick in as well… I was able to truly understand the situation from a different angle. The kind of information she gives is transformative as well as healing. Thank you!

  66. I didn’t expect her to be as kind, but Sita really was. Made me feel at ease and was very accurate in the description of the person I was concerned about. Waiting to see if what she predicted will happen. She is one of the best and I spoken to many. Thanks Robin!

  67. Vivian is a professional reader. She helped me so much so i will call again, thanks Vivian!

  68. I loved my readings with you Hunter. You’re exactly what i need who didnt sugarcoat and gave me straight away.

  69. Heather Florence

    True to her beautiful form, Solutions not only confidently and truthfully answered my question but put it in perspective at once sensible, uncluttered, and eloquent. I must thank her again for a great reading.

  70. Robin is one of the best most experienced people here. Robin is real, and straightforward. Her advice is priceless. Her soothing voice instills calm and stability while helping you to move forward in your life. She has helped me overcome insurmountable obstacles, and she is a caring, loving soul. I highly recommend anyone who is seeking guidance to seek Robin, you will not be disappointed.

  71. It was a best call with her. I am so grateful, so touched, so rejuvenated by this reading as I always am with you my dearest Robin!

  72. Thanks a million Ginnie for the amazing reading. You give so much information in a short time. Very hopeful now and will contact you again shortly.

  73. Tula always makes me feel better no matter how bad things get. I cant thank you enough for all the readings!

  74. Liam is amazing with details. I read with him months ago and predictions from that time panned out – I reunited with an ex. The problem is things fell apart again. I will post again if things pick back up as Liam said they will.

  75. Martha is amazing!!! Her predictions have come to pass. I called to thank her and she gave me more to watch for. I’m so excited that finally I’ve found an advisor that reads my situation and is not sugar coating it. Thank you!

  76. Chelsey Harrington

    She is as genuinely caring as she is prodigiously gifted, is always true and moving. She understands so well what is unfolding in my love life and she clarifies aspects of it for me so beautifully every time. She frames them actually poetically without overplay. God bless you dear Robin and thank you for being the blessing that you are to the world.

  77. I adore Vero. She is very calming to me and full of wisdom. I so wish I could talk to Vero everyday. She is gifted and she has been helping me tremendously thru an extremely difficult time. Thank u Vero for everything xoxo

  78. Michelle Lindstrom

    Zylisaa is great. My first reading was amazing but my second reading with her seemed to be more general

  79. I was so glad to have had the opportunity to speak with Serenity! It was as if I had found a long, lost friend right from “”hello””. There really are no words to describe Serenity’s abilities and beyond that, her beautiful energy and heart. My reading with her was a joy and far beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

  80. Ginnie is always accurate and very nice to talk to, I really appreciated what she said.

  81. She is just awesome as reviews say it all. Robin is a gift to anyone who crossed her path.

  82. I always feel better after a call with Serenity and it’s not because she tells you what you want to hear or sugarcoats things. It’s because she has such a warm and caring way about how she delivers what she is seeing.

  83. OMG Angelica… I have always felt that you write them directly to each of us personally (smiles) but this one was the cherry on the top of the cake! Unbelievable girl! I know its gonna happen… hope its soon….I will let you know when it does!

  84. I can’t wait to talk…. You are a psychic but you are better than any therapeutic mainstream counselor I have ever been too!

  85. Thank God for your spiritual gifts and for communicating the wonderful news that my precious blue-eyed soulmate made a special appearance for us this wonderful day! I sure love you, Dolly and wish you abundant blessings!

  86. Liam, you picked up on everything without me even saying much. A month seems like forever for as long as I have already waited but as long as I know we will be happy and together..Ill wait..Talk to you soon Liam.

  87. I am starting to really believe in this prayer stuff! Wrote one late last night… and this morning YAY! You really helped me Alex.

  88. He helped me understand and realize a lot of pain a loved one of mine was experiencing and how I would be able to help them with their issues. He assured me of events that would take place next. He is amazing and I will be calling back!

  89. I called to wish her a happy birthday as we shared the same birthday. I can always count on her to keep my chin up when things get rough for me..

  90. Terrific- always makes me feel better. Vanessa is spot ON. I love the reading.

  91. As always, Zylisaa puts my mind at ease especially since I am a worrier. I would talk to her every week if I could. She’s always on point and keeps me calm.

  92. Amazing! I love her. Vickie is always great, does see this being over and will wait on predictions to happen like others that came to fruition.

  93. One of the best. Thank you so much Robin for being so kind helpful and so extremely gifted.

  94. Thanks Ginnie! It was great to speak with you. Will keep you posted on what will happen.

  95. Dolly is another top advisor. So warm and a beautiful soul to connect with. Thank you Dolly xoxo

  96. Stella has been my advisor for a year and she has never let me down. Always on-point, thorough, and honest. I highly recommend her!

  97. Robin remembers people from your past that you spoke to her about it is just amazing.. she can remember all of this. Thank you Robin! You will never be disappointed in speaking to Robin. God Bless!

  98. Noel’s awesome and prediction happened as told to me. Hope the rest falls into place.

  99. Thank you Ruby for your swift reading. You say without hesitation and I trust all of what you say. Thank you for your compassion and kindness.

  100. Fatimah Patterson

    Thank you so much… Ruby is spot on with all the info she gave me…

  101. Absolutely wonderful and insightful! Luke’s right on target.

  102. I enjoy chatting with you so much Tula. I look forward to my calls with him. Its like she is connected very well to the spiritual world and her words carry a lot of weight.

  103. Just wonderful and feel good energy from Kiara… It’s great to know that she is a phone call away for comfort.

  104. She’s so amazing. I didnt tell anything but Kiara bang on. She’s no my new favorite.

  105. Thank you Freyalana for your reading. As for J I will take it one day at a time and one step at a time… there is something very different about him, I get sick to my stomach when I see him and I try not to think about him.. it is a war with myself… so… anyway… thank you for your insight… I will keep you posted.

  106. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Tara. Love the astrology aspect of her readings, ALWAYS. She is so very smart, and goes a bit over my head but she brings it down to my level. Like the loving and caring sister I never had.

  107. You know how some advisors are right sometimes and wrong the next, this will NEVER happen with Courtney. The woman is truly gifted good or bad news she will let you know. If you want a psychic to tell you what you want to hear go elsewhere. Her reviews should tell the story. Courtney is the best psychic I have encountered!!!

  108. It’s such a wonderful and beautiful lady. Maria, sorry we got cut off but thank you for the insight. I will be calling you back soon Maria.

  109. OMG, right after you told me to unblock banmmm he called.. Ginger, you are the bomb.

  110. Precious Anderson

    I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Shelly. She was direct, honest and to the point. Her calm nature made me at ease and helped me to open up. Her advice was productive and realistic. I highly recommend her.

  111. Great! Thank you Martha, you made me feel strong with your warm encouragement…

  112. I hope you will read this. I’m trying.. I really am! Thank you again. I will continue to stay positive.. I really need to speak with you right about now. . Sita, your’e an angel!! I know you know!

  113. Great Reading as always Kim. You never failed to surprise me.

  114. Nina, forget about how awesome your readings are for a second, the horoscopes you write I swear are written just for me. Just incredible, you are so incredibly gifted Nina. Once again, thank you for sharing your gifts to so many. You for sure change a lot of lives for the better.

  115. Debra Whitesell

    Thank you Shelly. You are such an angel. You never failed to amazed me.

  116. Martha has a special place as an advisor for me. Martha’s accuracy is amazing but her energy and vibration when reading overall is even more magnetic.

  117. Great! Great! I will call after few weeks again. Ricardo is so easy to talk to!

  118. Ricardo, you knock my socks off and see things like no one else can. Please don’t ever leave!

  119. I love talking to her. Cindy is very honest and accurate.

  120. Eleanor Leonard

    I’m amazed because Lola sounded confident and knew what she was talking about. Then i was totally wowed when everything panned out.

  121. I love Ricardo.. Ricardo was friendly and really down to earth and easy to talk to. Also, what I really liked about him is he was honest and straightforward.

  122. Noel is always a delight! She always gave me a clear and accurate answer.

  123. Ricardo, you are such a treasure! Thank God for your spiritual gifts and for communicating the wonderful news that my precious blue-eyed soulmate made a special appearance for us this wonderful day! I sure love you, Ricardo and wish you abundant blessings!

  124. You’re always a pleasure to speak with Ginnie. You’re one of my favorites!!!!

  125. Joshua – got what you were saying about our cosmic connection. We do connect all the time when he doesn’t sleep I don’t and hope its the same for him. Thanks for all your honesty.

  126. Soraya Morales

    Zylisaa, thank you. You are a total inspiration.. will be back and hopefully with great news 🙂

  127. She knew exactly what I was gong through and gave me excellent advice! I feel like she understands and can help me with my situation! I will go back again and again! Sena is very wise!

  128. Thank you for being so patient with all of my questions. You’re wonderful, Ruby.

  129. Hi Robin, thank you for all your help. When I feel down, you help me lift up my spirit and hang on without losing the faith.

  130. Danielle Bishop

    Ok, I have been stressing way too much. I am going to try and back off of everything. Love you Molly…

  131. Sharon, it’s always an amazing reading as you pick up so much. I love your honest. Thank you.

  132. Katherine Kearns

    I only heard great things about Robin and she lived up to every single one. She knew what I was calling about and delivered her reading with so much compassion and support.

  133. It was shockingly unbelievable! No sugar coating, friendly and caring as he tells you what he thinks are negatives. The future seems very hopeful and bright and though impatient I look forward to what awaits me. Christopher, thank you for your wonderful reading and I will definitely be calling you back.

  134. I cam sum up Ginnie in a few words: The best: kind, smart, accepting, funny and accurate! I will call her back a lot from now on.

  135. Yes… I love getting a honest male’s point of view and Christopher gives me that plus some. He’s great.

  136. OMG… I cannot believe I got thru!!!!! Katherine, you calmed me right down and told me details of what is to come. Thank you so much for all your kindness and loving words you are so calming and so sincere…Will up date you once the lady shows up dragging her husband!!!! Thank you so much for making me feel better after my torturous experience with that other person.

  137. Ms. Robin, truly is one of the greatest readers of all-time, from the many years as a professional astrologer, medium, reader, who has touched so many lives, healed so many hearts, brought clarity, and unlocked so many keys for her clients’ journey, including me! Robin is a legend and icon to PsychicOz and brings great credibility to the network.

  138. We got cut off but overall pretty good. Amber is the real deal, you should try her.

  139. Wow. Molly is as wonderful as everyone says!! I value her for the enormous integrity with which she delivers her readings and treats her clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  140. Wow. Ginnie is as wonderful as everyone says!! I value her for the enormous integrity with which she delivers her readings and treats her clients. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  141. Ginnie, again, my new friend I’ve yet to meet! I’m waiting for the day when I can let you know that everything has opened up just as you’ve been seeing/saying all along.

  142. Hi Ari, I wanted to let you know, the new job did not work out, I resigned within a week after starting it and went back to my other job. Ari, you were right when you said your guides say it would be boring.

  143. Doris is an angel and she keeps saying that she sees 3 men around me. I have 2 men around me right now. at first i thought she was off mark. 3 men seemed far fetched but the 3rd man showed up.

  144. Ginnie is very good. Highly recommend. Very accurate.

  145. Ari is like a dear friend. She reassured me he will be back and wants to be with me. She will tell you the truth. She was right before. Thank you, my dear.

  146. Thank you for keeping me on track! “baby steps” I can and will do it! I don’t know what I’d do without you! Thank you for your patience, guidance and accuracy! Molly, you are one in a million!

  147. You were right about “him” driving the car – because I realized later it was his car after all!!! He just has it sitting out instead of in the garage!!!! No wonder you didn’t “get anything” on it since it was his!! I was worried for nothing!! You rock, Lupe!

  148. A-mazing as usual, Donovan…Thank you so much for helping me to understand how my current streams of income will fare with the current/future economy!!!!

  149. Thanks, Tula! It’s so nice to have my power back. I’ll touch base in 2 months.

  150. You are truly amazing!! You always remember me and all my situations! Alex, you are extremely caring and so genuine! You are so special to me, please always remember that! You are truly the best on here! You have always told me the truth no matter what I want to hear, and I really appreciate that.

  151. Well worth the wait. Serenity quickly described composite astrology charts after giving insightful psychic reading. Ran out of funds and will call back hoping to get Serenity again to finish composite relationship astrology reading.

  152. I am extremely left-brained, analytical and skeptical. My brain immediately looks for and adheres to logic. My conversations of late with Robin have defied all logic and left my brain in a state of utter amazement. She was able to accurately describe the person I was asking about in such a way that put my brain in check. Robin, thank you. I will check back later.

  153. She’s the very best and my true friend. I’m always fascinated with Robin. Her guides reveal things she and I don’t get but it does happen.

  154. Melissa’s very quick and helpful. All of her responses were directly related to the questions that I d asked, and she needed no additional information. Very pleased with her reading.

  155. Thank you for a very helpful reading! Thank you so, so much for always holding a space for me, Priscilla.

  156. Aldwyn, you were right on the reach out. Doctor moved back over which will help me a lot through everything. Thank you.

  157. Right on the possible reach out. Thank you, Sena!

  158. I will call back once things she says come to pass like the last time. I appreciate Robin for taking my call this afternoon as I really need her.

  159. Joy, you’re really great and accurate read. Thank you!

  160. Great reading. Alicia connected to my situation quickly and answered my questions. I feel Alicia was on point with what was seen and gave me some needed insight.

  161. I read with over a dozen psychics and I have to admit I am both excited and feel dread to call Maya. She speaks the truth and cuts deep into your soul. Things that you know, she will bring to the surface for you to examine. Maya is compassionate but very honest and I really appreciate it!

  162. Cassandra Caldwell

    Ashley was amazing! She’s 100% spot on!

  163. I felt very connected to Iris. She made me feel at ease and gave me so much clarity. I will be talking with her soon. Thank you.

  164. If you want the best then ask for Robin. You will be so glad you did!

  165. Excellent reader… I highly recommend Ali.

  166. Thank you. Tammy was very nice and so detailed in my reading. I love the extra tips she gave me!

  167. Dee was great. I really appreciate her insight. I feel as trough she opened an endless world of opportunities for me. A world I didn’t know has existed for possibly my entire life. I’m thankful to have been able to talk to her.

  168. Thank you Robin! I had to give up some details regarding the POI but she shared some insight and I could feel she cared for what I am going through.

  169. My reading was very very good. Troy is easy to talk to, compassionate, understanding and most importantly accurate!!

  170. Accurate with every single thing in my life. Troy has been very helpful to me.

  171. Debra blew me away with her immediate insightfulness to the situation and the person of my inquiry. I asked my simple questions, she provided me with nearly 3 years of details that had occurred. She went above and beyond my hopes for clarity on what I am feeling, and confirmed my own intuitiveness was spot on.

  172. Christina is so very psychic. She is the best on this service. When you speak to her, she is so fast she’s giving you the answer before you finish your sentence! 100 stars!

  173. So far predication came true. POI contacted me. Waiting to see if her 2nd prediction will come true. That is poi will contact me again in 3 weeks. Rina is awesome.

  174. Monique Marsden

    Christina was quick and to the point. I love reading with her. Thank you so much.

  175. Have been reading with Shana for over 2 yrs now and I consider her my advisor and friend. Shana is beautiful, gifted, honest, accurate, kind and yes even funny .. she just keeps on giving .. Thank you Shana for all that you do for me .

  176. Very nice reader. I think Donovan is very talented. He connected well with me.

  177. Thank you Tara for always being there with the most sincere and accurate readings and your continued compassion, guidance and support!

  178. You can always count on Marian for honest and accurate insight! You should call her now.

  179. As another review stated, it really is as if she is the conduit, stating verbatim the messages she receives which lends me to have strong confidence in what she says, whether good new or bad. Refreshing bc she then provides very good, straightforward advice in a caring way. She is one of my faves. Thank you, Carol!

  180. Maya is my go to. Only one that gets it right all the time for me. Thank you!

  181. Luke is amazing! You should try if you want a real deal.

  182. Dee, thank you. You have given me clarity, accuracy, honesty and delivered your visions with the utmost compassion and kindness. My journey is not yet complete but I have the courage to go on because you have been my rock.

  183. Thank you Debra, you’re always reassuring and accurate!

  184. Sita is direct and to the point. She doesn’t like to be asked the same questions twice and always says, I already told you! But it just means she’s listening to your questions. She doesn’t sugar coat anything so if you’re looking for someone to tell you like it is, she’s the one to call.

  185. Always good and very easy to understand. Aurora is someone to call.

  186. I always enjoy my readings with Katerena. She had many solid insights that are correct. Katerena also adds a little embellishment or wishful thinking here and there as filler, but overall it is a value reading.

  187. Thank you so much for my reading yesterday and today! Sita, you were right on about everything and I look forward to developing my friendship with him and taking things slow when we start getting more serious and also to BE Patient! Lol it’s hard for me but I know I can do it!! Sita, I will call you soon to update you and get another reading! God Bless!!

  188. Dorothy Wilson

    You were right, Carol. It was a close call between me and one other candidate. I did not get the position. Your reading was dead on!

  189. It was the best thing I could have done. Other advisors were saying hang on but Aurora is different. I’m with a new person now and she has given me truth on my new guy very accurate and on point.

  190. Miss you Luke! It’s totally worth it to get a reading with you. I’ll talk to you next week.

  191. Alex, thank you for always being so accurate & tuned in.

  192. I love this reader. Carol has been extremely accurate on picking up on the other persons thoughts, and mentioned things that only I know was said between my lover and me. Thank you Carol.

  193. Christina always helps me find out what the other person in question is thinking, thanks!

  194. Maya is scary good. It’s my first time reading and I will make her my #1 for now on.

  195. Shelly, thank you. I love how direct and accurate you are.

  196. Wow is all I can say! She will give you very detailed information truly a great reading very gifted. Aurora is definitely in my top 3 out of the 30 I have spoke with!

  197. I love Camille. She’s like a real friend to me and she helped me so much.

  198. Gloria is truly gifted. I basically said nothing other than to confirm what she was saying to me. Serious talent!! I am grateful to have spoken with her.

  199. Listen to Jasmine’s guidance and pay attention because she will guide you to the right direction.

  200. I have a great connection with Aurora. She helps me so much therapeutic!

  201. You are really helpful. Richard, you dont have any idea how much it means to me. Thank you.

  202. She’s the best! Carol has been really helpful. Light and love to you sis.

  203. Maya is truly gifted and talented! She connects with the other persons spirit and has a conversation about their thoughts and hears what they are saying! She’s amazing!

  204. Sable has given me the most unique readings I have ever had. She can actually talk to the other person or persons and get their direct thoughts about any situation by hearing what they say about you. She was able to answer all my questions and knew immediately what was happening around me.

  205. I had a very good reading with Samara. Her reading style is different. She asks what your question is and who you are asking about or asking the question to and then she connects with that person’s spirit and uses her own spirit guide to answer the question. Even though it’s different, it’s really interesting getting a reading from her because she is definitely picking up on the situation, answer to the question and the personality of that person.

  206. Will was on point! No sugar coating, real psychic work! He is very good.

  207. Michele, it was wonderful speaking with you again today and as always right on point with my situation. Seen my POI in the time frame you gave me on out last call. Speaking with you is like sitting down with a good friend and a glass of wine, very enjoyable. Looking forward to our next conversation.

  208. She was awesome. Thank you again, Amber!!!

  209. I trust him immensely and know his readings are heartfelt and always a teaching moment.

  210. Amazing reading, such good energy and very direct and effective, very intuitive too. I’ll definitely have another reading with Carol.

  211. I would definitely have a reading with Sophie again! She’s really gifted.

  212. This has been the one and only best person I have spoke to and the communication with my mom. I would recommend Zuri to anybody and I would love to always speak to her.

  213. Liz was great! I had a short reading with and she was able to pick up on my mom right away. She was very specific and was able to offer some great insight. I will definitely be chatting with her again. Thank you so much Liz!

  214. Denise’s insights were very accurate about my situation with just names! Thank you very much for clarity I already feel much better!

  215. So clear, so accurate, so knowledgeable. Robin reads with such clarity and provides guidance to help understand your feelings and navigate the situation. She’s a favorite.

  216. AnneMarie was very quick and detailed in her reading. She is the most spiritual and precise intuitive I’ve ever spoken with.

  217. Pretty straightforward and very accurate! That’s all I needed! Great job Sable.

  218. Debra is an amazing psychic! She’s spot on so many levels she connected accurately and truthfully. I absolutely believe in what she was saying and her abilities in general. She is beyond gifted! Will not only speak with her again in the future, but is now favorited.

  219. Outstanding reading! April was totally spot on. I am taking her advice.

  220. I will definitely choose Tanya in the future. She’s so great!

  221. I’ve had several readings in the past few weeks, this reading was by far the most spot on and literally brought me to tears. To hear her tell me things that no one knew. Although it hurt and it was something I needed to realize, Amber was very comforting and kind.

  222. Donna was right on the money. Truly gifted, with great southern charm. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear, she tells you the truth, but in a very kind way. I will definitely be speaking with Donna again.

  223. Always the best. I love Katerena. She knows it all.

  224. Blanca is definitely the best psychic adviser on this site. She picks up on all situations well and gives very detailed answers. Thank you so much for the reading!

  225. Super nice and she confirmed what I’ve been knowing for a while.

  226. I love Robin. Call her if you want to know the thoughts and feelings of person, you will not be disappointed.

  227. She is the real deal. She knew exactly what was going on and what to do about it. You should give her a call, you will not be sorry!

  228. Robin is the best there is, truly! She knows exactly what’s going on in any given situation, exact personal details without a single fault or prompt and has the warmest, most caring heart around!

  229. If you’re wondering whether to give Robin a shot… Do it. She will connect to you and to the person you’re calling about and be on your side.

  230. Tara is such a blessing to me. I have been talking to her for a long time now and she is always filled with such wisdom and insight. I appreciate her patience with me as I quite often may repeat myself!

  231. It is always a pleasure to speak with Debra. She knew what was going on before I even spoke! She was spot on as usual, she is just so nice and caring!

  232. Brandi is a genius. She deserves a 5 star rating with her real ability.

  233. Helen is amazing! Her predictions have come to pass. I called to thank Helen and she gave me more to watch for. I’m so excited that finally I’ve found an advisor that reads my situation and is not sugarcoating it. Thank you.

  234. Brandi was nice. The prediction is correct and it happened a few times already. Thank you.

  235. Thank you Lisa for confirming and easing my heart and mind. Patience is what I am having to learn and practice with this man. The fact that he does love me and sees me as his gf even though he says something else makes me happy. I plan to call back soon, Lisa. Thank you once again.

  236. Thanks for always being there for me, Gabrielle! I will call back. I appreciate all the help you gave me.

  237. I love getting readings from Samara! She’s so intuitive and really sees things other psychics have been yet to pick up on… Thank you as well for the info on my chart!

  238. If Coco doesn’t see something, she tells you directly and I appreciate that. She’s very real.

  239. Jane Wainscott

    Bryan is always positive and he’s so nice!

  240. Troy made me laugh and cry. He’s a good psychic with a kind heart. He just knows things and I’m so thankful.

  241. Tracy has been right in the past and was right away this time. I waited until after the time frame she said he would contact me and she was right. She seems him and I getting back together later this year, she did tell me a specific month so I’m waiting to see.

  242. Reading with Troy are always good. He’s truly gifted and very nice to talk with.

  243. I felt she was excellent, clear ant intelligent. But, when there is a timeline you have to wait and see. I left feeling Sunshine is a psychic that is among the best.

  244. Charlsetta Brookshier

    Luke was heavenly. He knew some things no other advisor ever told me about my situation. Will follow up with him concerning the time frames he gave me. Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts, Luke.

  245. I loved Andre! He gave me a detailed and spot on reading. I will be calling again for sure.

  246. The reading was awesome! I would have to call you back for an update and thank you for always lifting up my mood. You’re the best, Laura.

  247. Amazing! I really love Olivia’s spirit, her energy and especially her message! I’m more excited than ever about my relationship and its all thanks to Olivia and her insights.

  248. Thank you. You’re an angel, Ella. I will always follow your advise and keep being a great psychic.

  249. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Eva is truly a gifted advisor. She helped me to prepare for the job and my new life.

  250. Ginnie is a wonderful lady that guided me through my love and self awareness process. She keys in on a lot of things that I have never told her about or even hinted around. I am waiting for a few predictions to come through but my timeline is a bit into the future. She is truly a delight to talk to.

  251. Allen Bernstein

    Thank you so much! You really are a gifted and kind hearted woman, Stephanie 🙂

  252. Patty Jefferson

    Always wonderful! Ronnie has become my main go-to for a year now. Only time and free will will determine the outcome of my consideration but Ronnie is so sure about what she feels and backs it up with a solid explanation of underlying astrological forces that it’s easy for me to put faith in her convictions. She is warm, wise and wonderful.

  253. 1st time talking to Donna and she has the same predictions with Tula and Robin. You’re wonderful as well.

  254. Leigh, you nailed it! I know the big prediction is coming soon and I am filled with excitement! Everything is starting to happen and you said it would go fast when it does happen. I just want to thank you Leigh, you have helped me see that life will be good again for me.

  255. Divina Consumano

    Truly one of the best. Honest and so understanding of my situation. She has helped guide me through the darkest times and now we can both laugh at the situation how it has all turned out. Thanks Fran for everything my friend.

  256. Great as always! Ginnie, thank you being straightforward. I know that I can count on you to tell the truth.

  257. Oh Madison, I thank you so much! Sure hope you are right on the new headway! It’s been a long time coming!

  258. Thanks Katherine! The reading was good and you totally hit the nail, spot on. I will call you for an update.

  259. Awesome and sweet! Shana embodied a true soul of a gifted psychic. I will always call her.

  260. Thank you for calming me down, Rita. I am remaining positive and sending energy to “Rusty”. Hopefully this will all unfold very soon.

  261. I haven’t spoken to Carol in a while, but I wanted to update to let everyone know her predictions did in fact all happen! Not only that, but she kept repeating two words to me “baby steps”, I was blown away when the person in question said those 2 words to me! Carol is top notch!

  262. Shana is always my #1 go to advisor! Words cannot express how grateful I am for the wisdom and guidance she has given me! You will be amazed with Shana!

  263. Randolph Strickland

    Tina has been the only reader who has offered true guidance! She does not give fairytales as her predictions are realistic. Her vast knowledge and caring personality make her one of the best readers around! I must also add that she has the patience of a saint, she has saved my sanity 100 times over the last month!

  264. Gigi is an angel. She’s been helpful from the get-go and I will forever be thankful.

  265. Fatima and Sita are two women I will always trust fully. Give them a try as well, you wont be disappointed.

  266. Thank you so much Camille for having the honesty and integrity to tell me what you saw and not just what I wanted to hear. I felt like I was talking to a real psychic and not someone paid to give general readings/advice and tell people what they want to hear. Thank you, Camille.

  267. Thank you, Jeni. You were very helpful. Will keep you updated.

  268. Very direct and Troy will tell you if he can’t sense something. I really enjoyed my reading and would try Troy again.

  269. Thank you, Amber! You are so on point and very friendly. I feel better whenever I talked to you.

  270. Wow, an amazing reading. My actual questions were answered but Selina came up with so much more that I didn’t ask about. She just knew!

  271. All I can say is wow! I loved my reading with her. Lila gave me validations I know to be true. She is an amazing reader and I feel so blessed to have found her and had the opportunity to get a reading from her.

  272. Thank you so much Selina, I will keep you posted on how this goes…

  273. Tula gave me a light on a bad day. Thank you so much, I am feeling much better now.

  274. I’ve spoken with Ginger on several occasions. Ginger is accurate and as a result, she provides clarity to situations so that I can have better understanding to make better decisions.

  275. Zen is the best! I’ve been talking to her since June 2021 about my POI. A lot of things changed due to free will but I didn’t give up. Now after almost a year things, Zen told me the first day are finally coming into play. Thank you Zen!

  276. Amber is such a wonderful person. Very soft spoken and her insights on what she sees are outstanding. I highly suggest you speak with her. The wait is well worth it.

  277. Arjun is amazing as always. He’s a good and honest reader, give him a try for an amazing reading.

  278. Ginger is such an angel. She is so patient and kind, first time speaking with her on the phone and she gave me a lot of information. She had a lot of insight on my relationship and she had mentioned things that I had not told her that we were going through and what he was going through.

  279. Thank you Angelique for the reading. I’m pleased that you were able to pick up on what is going on. Will keep you posted on the outcome. Blessings to you!

  280. She always has a very long line to talk with her, but it is always well worth the wait. She’s the most accurate and caring advisor you will ever find.

  281. Thank you, Kate. I feel better after talking to you. I appreciate everything you do and I trust you. You are an angel in my life, we will talk soon.

  282. Thank you! Shana, you got everything right to and picked up on things I did not even mention. Seriously, thank you again! I will definitely contact you again.

  283. Madeline kept telling my POI would start waiting to see me and being more aggressive and it is happening now! She is really amazing, she does not feed you fairytales! Thank you, Madeline. I will keep you posted!

  284. She knows those details that are happening. Her predictions are supposed to happen after 2 months. Overall, Carol is fantastic.

  285. Brooke can see everything. I am so comfortable in talking with her and she always makes me feel at ease.

  286. Thank you always for your advice, Sita. Like you said, something came up and I got it. Not what we planned but it saved me for good deal. I appreciate that you never backdown with what you see. I appreciate that that you encouraged me so many times and bang! Everything is on the path like what you told me. I am happy at where I am now.

  287. Peter is so honest. He has a very calm way of delivering the news, he’s very professional and experienced.

  288. Serenity, you are always right on. Thank you for always giving me hope.

  289. Sita adds new info each time I consult her. I look forward to our discussions and I am hopeful that what she sees happens. Sita understood my situation with complete accuracy.

  290. Always concise and insightful, it is always a pleasure to speak with Sita. Praying predictions comes to fruition soon. Thank you for your time and talent.

  291. Annabelle, thank you for always listening to me asking the same questions over and over again. You are right on every time we talk. You are so caring and I will always talk to you every opportunity I get.

  292. Everything Serenity said about my boyfriend’s current actions/feelings were spot on. I reached out to her yesterday because I could tell something was off with my boyfriend and she gave me the bad news. True enough, my boyfriend broke up with me that night.

  293. Molly actually picks up on factual statements without asking any questions and actual events that are happening. This ability really gives me confidence in what she’s seeing is real. Also her prediction and description is so consistent. Thank you so much, Molly!

  294. Be prepared for the truth! Luke is friendly yet he will not hesitate to provide you with the truth no matter how painful it is.

  295. Great to connect this morning again, Brooke! You have a well-deserved following now which makes it a bit harder however always worth it! I appreciate your incredible insight and kindness! Thanks again!

  296. Thanks again, Daisy. You are my angel and I genuinely appreciate all your help. All your readings are and totally accurate with the timelines.

  297. Nancy is not just a psychic but eventually became my friend. She’s genuine and compassionate.

  298. The very best there is! Kate told me that an argument would take place and two days later I received a screenshot confirming this exact argument! Just amazing! Thank you!

  299. Monica is able to provide the same level of detail whether on the phone or via chat! She’s always kind, patient and detailed about what is happening. I’m always amazed when something happens that I didn’t know was going on, but Monica did!

  300. Nathan Gutierrez

    Alexander, thank you so much for the beautiful reading. You were fast to connect and see what’s in the future.

  301. Giselle has guided me into the beautiful life that is now unfolding.

  302. Alexander Boyd

    She gives a detailed and spot on every single time without fail. I’ve tried several psychics and Tula is my absolute number one go to.

  303. Analiese Rivera

    Sena was so spot on. If she says it then it probably will be! She will not waste your time with guessing games or rambling on. Amazing reader!

  304.  Meg remains consistent in predictions so far. Short term predictions were correct. Her delivery is always soft with great confidence. She is my favorite reader so far!

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