Tuesday , July 3 2018
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Killing Jealousy And Igniting Love

   Love and jealousy go hand in hand, without the former, there cannot be the latter. We all need to feel important especially in our romantic relationships. Consciously and subconsciously, we are always looking  for proof that we are cared for and loved. It is an unusual person who doesn’t seek such reassurance. However, in seeking …

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Getting The Right Person In A Right Way

  If you haven’t found your forever partner yet – or much worse, thought you did, only to be disappointed when you discovered that living with that person was a hell in earth — maybe it’s time for a new approach. When it comes to finding the right person for you, keep …

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Nourish Your Relationship

   Love is a one of the best thing that could happen to our lives, isn’t it? I believe we all want to have a loving relationship and most people put energy into their partners and soul connections. And love is truly a wonderful experience.  We put on our happy …

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Are You Begging For Love?

      It is the security and knowing that you are wanted and loved is a spectacular feeling. There is something special when you know someone is willing to make an effort to be with you. The only problem is when the wanting gets out of control. If it becomes …

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Delicious Treat That Will Turn Up the Heat On Valentines Day

Ancient beliefs, cultural traditions and modern science all proclaim that certain foods and drinks improves libido. It’s true indeed! there are foods that will turn up the heat and that is known as aphrodisiacs, they can help you turn up the passion, arousal and love. You probably think wine and …

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When Actions Do Really Speak Louder Than Words

Small broken promises, are broken promises. They say they would call, but they don’t. They say they will visit later, but they don’t and won’t even call to let you know that they won’t be coming.   They tell you things will get better, the bad things won’t happen again …

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