Tuesday , July 3 2018
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Think Before You Cheat

        Around sixty percent of the calls I’ve received about relationships has something to do with a partner leaving the current one and the entire family for someone else. It recalls the Aesop Fable “The Hare in Flight”that basically comes down to a hare trying to outrun some hunting dogs so it jumps …

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Killing Jealousy And Igniting Love

   Love and jealousy go hand in hand, without the former, there cannot be the latter. We all need to feel important especially in our romantic relationships. Consciously and subconsciously, we are always looking  for proof that we are cared for and loved. It is an unusual person who doesn’t seek such reassurance. However, in seeking …

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Reasons For Not Giving Up On Love

  A hopeless romantic will say that Love is all we need. As the cliche goes… It makes the world go ’round and it will lift us up where we should be.  Some of the most enduring songs and memorable quotes center around the wonder of love. Falling and being …

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