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How To Balance Work And Romance

     There are times that you’re slammed with work and the last thing you want to worry about is your romantic relationship. But the stress of a busy time at work can really hurt your partnership. Even if you can’t spend as much time with your love as you’d …

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Ignite The Romantic Fire Again

Life doesn’t always feel romantic. As a matter of fact, being in a relationship can be pretty boring after the honeymoon stage. But there are little things you can do to keep the sparks flowing. Try these tips for adding a little something to your day to day – no …

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How To Have A Long Lasting Relationship In Modern Time

       Are you having problem how to decode what it takes to have a long lasting relationship? Most likely, it’s likely you’ll turn to your older relatives  whenever you want long-term relationship advice. They have experience-based wisdom to share, but not all of it is relevant today. Instead, …

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Signs That You Have The One

       You might be head over heels with someone just to find out that it will never gonna work. Even when you’re crazy in love with someone, it can often be hard to know if he or she is “right” for you. How do you know you won’t feel differently …

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How Can 2 Different Life Path Works For Love?

           Those who are searching for romantic relationships tends to attract partners who are moving along the same life paths as they are. This makes perfect sense in theory, but not necessarily in real life. Why? people go through changes—and not just physically. Their opinions, goals, likes …

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Is There Such Thing As Eternal Love?

           Admit it or not but a lot of us would like to believe that eternal love truly does exist. ..We might see couples who have entered into their 70′s or 80′s that are full of love and affection for each other and hope that we …

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Signs That He Wants More Than Friendship

    Most women are feeling confused regarding the intention of someone they are dating and that often characterize the early days of a new relationship.  These feelings occur somewhere after the first few dates but before the committal stage. There is a preoccupation about whether or not we are on the same page with …

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Are You Still Safe With Your Partner?

       Have your doctor ever asked if you’re still in a safe relationship? You don’t have to feel embarrassed or insulted… there’s a logical reason for that. “Nearly one third of female homicide victims are killed by their partner/lover. In fact, in 70-80 percent of intimate partner homicide cases, …

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Think Before You Cheat

        Around sixty percent of the calls I’ve received about relationships has something to do with a partner leaving the current one and the entire family for someone else. It recalls the Aesop Fable “The Hare in Flight”that basically comes down to a hare trying to outrun some hunting dogs so it jumps …

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