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Love Psychics Reviews, Comparisons & Tips.

My Tips on Getting The Best Love/Relationship Psychic Readings And Avoid Being Ripped Off by Psychic Scams!

Everyday thousands of people consult a psychic to get some advice and answer their biggest question in love and relationships. A psychic reading have the ability to give you the insight that you need and can greatly affect your decisions in life and your future.

Finding a GENUINE psychic online is very difficult nowadays. Just one click in the search tab and you will get a huge list of different psychic networks offering “the best psychic readings”. It gives you a lot of options that you don’t know who to choose. How will you know which are real and which are scams?

I am Joanne Fauntleroy, and I’ve been dealing with psychics for the past 15 years. After having thousands of readings in my entire life, I can say that “Not all psychics are the same” that is why I created this blog to help you in finding a genuine psychic and to guide you on avoiding the scams out there!

Psychic Scams Online That You Must Watch Out!

There are a lot of genuine psychics online but you need to be very keen on psychic scams online. Here are a some of the most common scams that you need to watch out.

The Love Spell Scam

The psychic will encourage you to buy a special “love spell” to make someone fall in love with you. A REAL psychic can only guide you on finding love, but can’t actually make someone fall in love with you.

The Curse Scam

A psychic reader will tell you that you or your family is cursed, and to remove it you need to give them lots of money or sometimes they will sweep all your possessions. This is one of the dirtiest scams of all time and should be avoided because there is no such things as curses!

Email Reading Scam

An email reading scam is when the reader gives you the same basic information that everyone else is getting.
It's always best to find a reader by word of mouth if you can.

The Free Reading Scam

Getting a free reading without any payment is more of a gimmick and not scam. A lot of psychic networks offer “free readings” to get customers. Some of you don’t realize that the after the free readings, you will have to pay more money in order to get the real answers that you’re looking for.
A lot of legitimate psychic networks are out there and ready to help you either by phone, chat or email. But you need to make sure that you are choosing the right company who can provide honest, reliable and REAL psychic readings. Below are the two companies that I highly recommend. Both of these networks have been in the business for more than 20 years. They have unremarkable reputations, and I have never placed my thumbs down with a reading from either of them. It is now time for you to decide!
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